Glitter review: A tiresome tale of three women

‘Glitter’ tells the story of three women, trying to live independently, in Poland in the year 1976. The Polish series is now streaming on Netflix.


Helena is a sex worker who has been able to save up enough money to buy herself expensive clothes and accessories.

She works with Security Services, but she cannot be forced to take a client she does not want. She is asked to sleep with Thomas, a French journalist, and spy on him.

While she starts liking Thomas, she also gets the attention of a student named Staszek, whom she uses to prevent herself from falling for Thomas.

Pola is a single mother who does not like working as a sex worker. She makes shampoo at home and sells it. However, government officials cancel her license for no reason. 

She is asked for sexual favors in exchange for her license. That is the reason she wishes to start her own business and not work as a sex worker.

Lastly, Marysia, a student, meets Jurek, a man who illegally exchanges currency. Although they get closer, she still wants to pick clients and get paid for sleeping with them.

The three women struggle to live their life on their own terms, while people around them keep trying to control them. 


In a show with average performances, Wiktoria Filus as Pola shines. She depicted Pola’s anger, frustration, and helplessness accurately.

Bartlomiej Kotschedoff, as Bogdan, was another actor who left an impression on the audience.


The show depicts the political and economic state of Poland during the time of the Cold War. The costumes as well as the references to rising inflation and expensive western commodities give the audience a glimpse of a Poland led by a communist government.

The show addressed some of the issues sex workers face; they constantly get inappropriate propositions as if their bodies are up for barter exchanges all the time.


The show’s aim to depict women tackling social taboos was not seen in the writing. The writing was substandard at best. At times, the plot did not make any sense.

‘Glitter’ claimed to be a show about empowered women. However, it failed in its purpose due to the consistent presence of the male gaze; women’s bodies were sexualized in almost every episode.

There were subplots in the show that served no purpose whatsoever. They just made the plot confusing.

The show failed to capture the attention of the audience. From the beginning to the end, there were barely any scenes that were interesting.


‘Glitter’ is a dull show with a plot that completely misses its mark. It is one of those shows in which everything happens and yet nothing happens. The viewers might not even want to finish the show. 

Glitter review: A tiresome tale of three women 1

Director: Anna Kazejak, Julia Kolberger, Marek Lechki, Rafal Skalski

Date Created: 2022-12-14 22:40

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