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Girlfriend Chor review: Side effects of love

“Proposing a girl is like booking a tatkal train ticket and if you do not book it, someone will get the ticket”. This dialogue sums up the plot of Girlfriend Chor which is presented by Dice Media and MX Player. This short web series of 5 episodes, streaming now on MX Player, delivers a crash course on the art of forging breakups and provides guidelines on stealing someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend.


Mohan (Shishir Sharma) and Sunaina (Sonali Sachdev), the parents of Aakash (Mayur More) do not want their son to lose in the dating race for Neha (Himani Sharma). Hence, they draft a crash course, along with Ritu (Diksha Juneja), who happens to have a crush on Vishal (Kushagre Dua), Neha’s boyfriend. 

The seesaw battle is on with both Ritu and Aakash trying every trick in the book to separate Vishal and Neha as directed by Aakash’s parents. In the process, Ritu gets closer to Aakash but lady luck decides the other way and Aakash once again gets left stranded without a girlfriend. Will the ‘Girlfriend Chor’ succeed?


More is, as usual, in his element, but he needs to show some variation in his expressions as well as his body language which are somewhat getting stereotyped. Sharma and Sachdev, on the other hand, provide the much-needed flow to the narration with their impeccable portrayal of open and broad-minded parents who want their sons to get the girl of their desire.

Among the girls, Juneja shows a lot of promise and Sharma, too, has done well in a role with limited scope.


Girlfriend Chor is simple. It’s clear. It’s to the point. No cuss words. No extended kissing or explicit scenes. The comedy flows along with the story, which is the strongest point of this series, is definitely a plus point. Creator, writer and director Girish Jotwani has done a decent job in his first attempt and he deserves appreciation.

In addition, the cameo by Ashish Vidyarthi as Suhaas and his parting punch in the final episode is the highlight among the entire web series.


Girlfriend Chor resembles many earlier movies like Pyaar Ka Punchnama and latest Awkward Conversation series and to top it, there are many other shows involving millennials with similar themes which are flooding the digital platforms. It’s high time that creators and writers start thinking differently so that the shows do not get typecast. 

Worth it?

Watch Girlfriend Chor for some fun with an underlying element of the bonhomie environment between parents and son which paves way for healthy relationships, a welcome sign which needs to be encouraged by all means.

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