F*ck Love Too review: Overlapping plots with uninteresting characters

F*ck Love Too is a romantic comedy film that centres on the life of Lisa and Jack, who are divorced and are baffled about their new romantic partners. F*ck Love Too is now streaming on Netflix.


Lisa, Kiki, and Angela take a trip to Ibiza to have Kiki’s bachelorette party. Noah, an old friend of Lisa and the owner of a luxurious village resort in Ibiza, invites the girls to stay at his resort and enjoy the party.

While Lisa and Angela are having fun at the party, Kiki somewhat gets frustrated about the fact that she is getting married.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s ex-husband, Jack, has got two women pregnant at the same time and is failing to balance the two. While Said and Bo are involved in a serious relationship dispute, Said also tries to help Jack understand the consequences of his actions.

Amidst confusion, guilt, and understanding, everyone is trying their best to succeed at love but is miserably failing.


Even with a vast cast, F*ck Love Too fails to impress the audience. Lisa, played by Bo Maerten, is one of the primary characters and has delivered an average performance. Angela was a bit off-caste, and someone else could have been considered for the role.

The only good performance is delivered by Said, played by Maurits Delcho. The character portrays maturity, and the actor has decently brought that into it. The joyful character also has a good comic sense.

Whereas the character of Bo, played by Yolanthe Cabau, is completely expressionless. Be a sad or happy scene; Bo has only one expression. Unfortunately, neither her acting nor dialogue delivery could save the scenes.

Jack, played by Edwin Jonker, was decent in his role. The character’s confusing nature, later filled with guilt and redemption, was averagely pulled off by him.

Although Cindy and Monica were quite decent in their performance and dialogue delivery.


As a rom-com film, the impact of comedy was decent. The humour was good and nearly grabbed by the characters at the perfect time.

The scenes could be an addition to the positive aspects of the film. Various shots of Ibiza and the village resort were attractively shot. 

Even the joyful colour palette (a fundamental feature of rom-coms) was good enough, and one can’t find many issues with it.


If we consider the motive of making a film as telling a story, F*ck Love Too is an ambitionless film. It seems that the writer had to cook up a story for the sake of writing something.

Neither the screenplay nor the narrative succeeds in impressing. The screenplay is worsened with unsmooth cuts and a breakneck narrative.

Another weak point of the film was its weak writing. The story couldn’t get more chaotic. Lisa is mourning, but soon enough goes to a party in Ibiza. Angela hooks up with a random bartender and immediately gets into liking him.

The story itself fails to portray anything, including the justification of the title. If everyone eventually ends up together, what’s the point of the title “F*ck Love Too.”

Moreover, the sound design for the entire film is a blunder. Neither can one find a smooth transition in the background music nor relate to its emotional contribution to the scene.

A lot of illogical and unnecessary things are going on in the film that directly concludes as “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” where ‘too many cooks’ are the numerous plots.


It is of no use to watch the film even if one has invested time in watching the first film, F*ck Love. With a rushed narrative, lousy screenplay, bad acting, and non-sensical music, F*ck Love Too is not worth the time.

However, if one needs to find a reason to watch the film, it will be its colourful scenes that mostly resemble a YouTube travel vlog.

Rating: 1.5/5

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