Forever Out of My League review: Typical rom-com with underused characters

Forever Out of My League is an Italian-language rom-com movie that follows Marta, a young woman, after her successful surgery in the last film. It is currently streaming on Netflix.


‘Still Out of My League’ left the audience with a boatload of questions. After receiving news of Marta’s surgery from Jacopo, Gabriele rushes back from Paris and is set to reach Marta’s side just in time to meet her. However, he ends up at a different hospital as Jacopo fails to mention the change in hospitals.

‘Forever Out of My League’ picks up right where its prequel left off. Gabriele finally reaches Marta’s hospital after her surgery which went smoothly. Jacopo is now in pursuit of Dario after finding out he is also on Drool.

Federica realises she doesn’t like her job and desperately wants to quit. After her speech at the party in the previous film, Rebecca and Giacomo are moving up in their relationship as Giacomo is set to meet her parents for the first time. 


The film featured substantially dramatic execution of most characters. 

Ludovica Francesconi plays Marta, the quirky lead, and portrays her emotions well although she has a relatively passive role in the third installment. 

Gaja Masciale’s depiction of Federica is a notable mention. Although Federica is reduced to a minor character set in the backdrop, Masciale manages to shine through as the lovable best friend. One can rewatch the film to observe her true-to-character reactions that might go unnoticed on the first watch.

Giancarlo Commare and Jozef Gjura play the role of Gabriele and Jacopo adequately albeit the nature of their characters is quite typical of romantic comedies. 

Diego Giangrasso fails to show the audience Dario’s private side and can’t manage to shake off the cold professional front that he puts on as Dr. Dario Caponi. 

Jenny De Nucci manages to embody the cruel nature of Rebecca well enough to evoke dislike from the audience but not good enough to gain their sympathy. 

Although only a minor character, Riccardo Niceforo, who plays Giacomo, manages to steal the audience’s attention every time he is onscreen. 

The role of Marta’s grandmother is executed suitably to keep the audience excited, maintaining an air of mystery. 


Aligning with the rest of the trilogy, the film carries on the tradition of commencing with a flashback of the main trio’s childhood that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. 

The visually appealing sets and outfits factor into the atmosphere of the movie and hold together most of the scenes with the aid of background music.

The probing of Marta’s past might help quench the curiosity of returning fans of the trilogy. Long-time followers can take delight in the memorable moments of the trio that the film rewards them with. 


Following the storyline can be slightly confusing for new viewers as it is sprinkled with references to its preceding film. 

The focus of the main plot is on uncovering more of Marta’s past and her family. The sub-plots seem non-essential as they don’t add much to the characters and don’t bring anything new to the table as is often the case with sequels. 

The pacing of the movie seems slow compared to the previous films. 

Most characters don’t live up to their potential and some characters’ growth isn’t clearly visible until the end and is negligible even then, as in the case of Jacopo. Although Federica’s personality doesn’t leave her short of possibilities, she stays in the background for most of the film. 

The writing is predictable as romantic comedies go and so riddled with drama that a fresh audience might find dragged out. 


It is recommended to watch Forever Out of My League only after catching up with the rest of the trilogy or else you might feel left out. Even then, the movie does not compare to the films that came before it and leaves a lot to be desired.

Rating: 2/5

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