Fauda season 4 review: Gritty series with a stuttering pace

In season 4 of Fauda, Doron and his team are faced with a new threat from Hezbollah as they fight on two fronts. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.


Doron is called into action after Gabi is kidnapped by members of Hezbollah in Brussels while his old team tracks down a terrorist cell operating out of Jenin.

They eventually find out that the two are connected and get to work trying to take down these dangerous elements. Doron is relentless in his pursuit of revenge and after finding out that Gabi is still alive, does everything he can to rescue him.

Meanwhile, there is danger at home as well as Adel Tawalbe spreads chaos and fear in the region as the Shin Bet faces serious losses. Dana and Raphael oversee multiple operations to gain the upper hand and capture Adel once and for all.

Doron and his team carry out mission after mission, not aware that the next one just might be their last.


Lior Raz leads the pack with his continued portrayal of the goal-oriented Doron. Raz exemplifies the relentlessness and determination of Doron’s character and showcases his vulnerable side too.

Yaakov Zada-Daniel, Idan Amedi, Doron Ben-David, Rona-Lee Shimon, and Inbar Lavi play the rest of the team and each of their characters has personal battles to face which is portrayed well.

Lucy Ayoub plays Maya, whose life and actions are influenced by others constantly. Ayoub’s performance is good but nothing to write home about.

The cast is extensive and they carry out their best in the roles given to them without truly setting the stage alight.


The story is written well. The actions of the authorities and the countermeasures by the opposition set up a well-balanced war of tactics between the two sides.

The action is high-octane and well-choreographed. The cinematography during these sequences is steady and easy to follow. The locations are also very lively and capture the essence of the region well.


Given the very geo-political situation within the region, the accusation can be made that this series is biased towards one side of the divide. The perspective isn’t given from a neutral perspective and members of the Palestinian community may not be best pleased by this narrative.

The episodes drag along on several occasions and it is quite difficult to maintain focus. There are far too many moving parts and some of them could definitely have been trimmed off.


Season 4 of Fauda is a decent continuation of the series plagued by many of the same issues it has been accused of before. A neutral may enjoy it without truly considering it as an accurate representation of the real-life situations that it is loosely based on.

Fauda season 4
Fauda season 4 review: Gritty series with a stuttering pace 1

Director: Omri Givon

Date Created: 2023-01-20 13:30

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