Fatal Seduction review: Familiar plot, predictable twists drag series down

Netflix’s Fatal Seduction follows Nandi, a law professor, who gets into trouble when her best friend dies during a weekend getaway where she committed adultery and slept with a young guy.


Nandi Mahlati is a law professor who suspects his husband of cheating on her with his new assistant. Leonard Mahlati is a judge who has been very insensitive to his wife after she miscarried several months ago.

At a weekend getaway, Nandi is encouraged by her best friend Brenda to let loose and hook up with a hot young guy named Jacob. She does end up doing just that later on, after hitting it off quite well with Jacob, resulting in a passionate one-night stand.

She returns home with regrets and troubles when her best friend dies. The younger guy turns out to be a man out there to exact revenge, with a past connection to Nandi’s son and his prom motion.

Leonard’s brother Vuyo, an ex-cop and a private investigator, finds out about the affair and later, Jacob’s real identity. This leads to Vuyo confronting him finally and supposedly getting rid of him. He also learns of his father’s hand in Jacob’s father’s suicide.


Kgomotso Christopher as Nandi Mahlati is fierce, bold, sexy, relatable, vulnerable, and more when the story demands it. She delivers one of the best performances in the show.

Prince Grootboom as Jacob Tau is believable as the seeker of vengeance and also one who gets distracted by sensual appeal and sexual drive in the middle of his quest. He successfully sells his charms and desperation.

Nat Ramabulana as Leonard’s brother, Vuyo Mahlati is also quite impressive with his delivery and physical performance.


The episodes are cut out to be the perfect length and brief runtime makes the binge easier. The overall run of volume 1 also makes things easier.

The acting department does a fine job with the execution and all players lend hands in making the experience look more believable.


The story of Fatal Seduction is overtly families and it trudges through very familiar beats as well. Not only that but the revelations and twists are incredibly predictable as well.

The direction and the cinematography don’t provide anything fresh or special. The entirety of the story and method of storytelling comes across as rather stale.

The ending of Volume 1 is rather unsatisfying and makes one wonder why not more of the episodes weren’t released simultaneously.


Fatal Seduction is the same old sensational, sensuous take on the titular act, adultery, and a mixed bag of predictable twists, turns, and developments. With nothing new or fresh to proffer, the series fails to make an impact with the first batch of episodes.

Fatal Seduction
Fatal Seduction review: Familiar plot, predictable twists drag series down 1

Director: Busiswe Ferry Jele, Zuko Nodada, Nthabiseng Mokoena, and Johnny Barbuzano, Catherine Stewart

Date Created: 2023-07-07 12:30

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