Fast & Feel Love review: Hilarious comedy about ambition, dreams and adulthood

Fast & Feel Love is a Netflix comedy film about Kao, who aspires to be the world’s fastest cup stacker, and his girlfriend Jay, a young woman taking care of him. Jay dumps Kao forcing him to learn the fundamentals of adulthood and strive to win her back.


Kao is a driven young man who wants to win the title of world’s fastest stacker. He lives with Jay, a genuine girl who helps him accomplish his dreams.

To give him the ideal environment for him to accelerate his speed, she looks after him, feeds him, takes care of the house, and performs other chores.

Years go by, and Kao is still just a manchild who solely practises cup stacking while oblivious to everything else, especially Jay.

It suddenly appears to Jay that she has a dream of having children, but since Kao does not share this dream with her, she leaves him. When Kao has to take care of himself, reality sets in. He lacks the fundamental ability and skills needed to even survive. 

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Jay decides to help him one last time, teach him about chores and skills, and then they will part ways. She also wants to sell the house and finally move on, but Kao opposes it. 

He’s now embroiled in the drama of life, which he used to avoid, thus his stacking speed declines.

He hoped to win a world stacking competition so he could travel to America, but he believes it is now impossible. A little girl helps him and tells him to accept life’s turmoil rather than try to escape it. 

His house gets a seller and he finally realises that now he has to part ways with Jay. This is a power source for him and he wins the competition.

In the end, he declines to sell the house and continues to stay there as his memories with Jay lie in that house. They amicably and maturely part ways. He is managing and adulting as he prepares for a new journey. 


All the actors in ‘Fast & Feel Love’ do a fantastic job. Every character, even the supporting roles, is portrayed with so much authenticity. 

Nat Kitcharit is splendid as Kao. He portrays all the emotions beautifully with great comic timing. From breaking the fourth wall to the sad emotional moments, he is the perfect Kao.

Jay is a wonderfully written character and more wonderfully brought to life by Urassaya Sperbund. 

The supporting cast is hilarious as well. Anusara Korsamphan who plays the maid receives a special mention because of her honest-to-god amusing acting. 


The film has a unique and engaging plot with amazing direction. The humour and comedy are relevant and cater to an important message about the urgency of life. 

The cinematography is beautiful and adds great effect and tension to the moments. The camera transitions, breaking the fourth wall, the imagery as well as the use of exaggeration, everything is remarkable. 

The film is filled with hilarious and comedic moments and uses deadpan humour and epic homages which accelerates its effect. 

Fast & Feel Love has important lessons about ambition, growing up and the turmoil of life and relationships, and all of them are depicted beautifully laced with light-hearted humour. 


Fast & Feel Love is around 130 minutes long and sometimes it feels stretched out and too lengthy. The story could have been told with less time and would have been more effective.

Some moments feel unnecessary and act as a filler that does not help the plot but just prolongs the movie. 


Fast & Feel Love would have been a perfect movie if it was around 20-25 minutes shorter. It has drama, comedy, sports and romance as well. It has some meta moments too, which is refreshing. 

It is a beautiful and light-hearted film exploring the hardships of life and relationships, and how they change with time, as well as dedication to achieve your dreams. 

Rating: 4/5

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