Eye of the Storm (2023) review: Strong performances in a wayward film

Eye of the Storm is a drama film centered around a hospital that goes into lockdown due to a deadly viral breakdown, forcing the people inside to make difficult decisions. The film is streaming on Netflix.


A trauma surgeon leaves the hospital at the end of his shift but is called back to perform surgery. After he returns, the hospital goes into lockdown when a potential SARS outbreak is reported within.

Once the news spreads around, the patients are worried about their survival, the staff is split on whether to perform their duty or keep themselves safe, and the search for patient zero goes on as the hospital tries to contain the outbreak.

Dr. Xia had left but was brought back and now he’s helping a journalist investigate how the outbreak reached their hospital. Lives are lost as healthcare professionals do their best amidst all the pressure.


Wang Po Chieh leads the line well with his performance. He is stern and the growth is subtle, but it is evident and Po Chieh shows how the situation affects him.

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Tseng Jing Hua is another who really shines in his role as an optimistic young nurse who has to go through so much loss in their life.


The director doesn’t shy away from showing some difficult and emotional moments and those are the ones that raise the overall experience.

The background score is a huge factor in setting the tone of the film. It is boisterous and fits perfectly with what each scene is trying to convey.


The story has potential but it doesn’t go all in with any one particular theme. Dr. Xia is just slightly cold toward his patient and then undergoes minor growth. The employees protest but it doesn’t necessarily have a clear resolution.

Even the ending is left on uncertain terms as Tai-He is struggling with SARS while Dr. Xia is unsure about his prognosis but it is played out as a major victory. The director doesn’t commit to his subplots in a meaningful way.


Eye of the Storm (2023) is a heart-rending movie that can definitely bring you to tears in certain moments, but as a concept, it doesn’t fulfill it’s true potential. The cast does a wonderful job of depicting the emotions and stress that comes in that particular situation but they are let down by the weak story.

Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm (2023) review: Strong performances in a wayward film 1

Director: Chun-Yang Lin

Date Created: 2023-08-15 12:30

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