Ex-Addicts Club review: Adorable comedy is short on laughs

Ex-Addicts Club sees a group of oddball goofs coming together to form a club of heartbroken lovers who support each other in moving on from their exes.


Raysa reels from a breakup and forms the Ex-Addicts Club at her Twilight Friends Cafe. Recently dumped by Indra, she vies for his love continuously. Four other individuals struggling to move on from their exes join the group.

Tina is a Tarot card reader who was dumped by her hippie musician boyfriend who was cheating on her. Kevin is a very wealthy man who can’t move on from his ex and all his new girlfriends resemble his ex.

Kori is innocent and naive to a fault and suffers from a toxic relationship with doctor Ami, who has a way with words and still takes advantage of him after their breakup. Asep has anger management issues and can’t move on from his ex Yayu.

Raysa’s withholding of information regarding her efforts at rekindling something with Indra compromise the group’s inner dynamic and they all split. Kori concocts a mischievous plan to bring them all together again, and success in doing so.


Agatha Pricilla leads the cast as Raysa, who’s for the most part plays the straight man in the group, but is no different in her traits and proclivities from the other members.

Hafizh Weda plays another character who does is straight and is not as quirky as others, but the actor does a good job portraying the minutiae pertaining to Kevin’s privilege, as well as nail the more hysterical act outs.

Chicco Kurniawan delivers a heartwarming performance as the naive and kind Kori; Rachel Amanda Aurora is adorable as Tina who can also turn into a fierce being when messed with; Andri Mashadi renders a commendable performance that incorporates a lot of physicality into Asep’s angered freak-outs.


Ex-Addicts Club does have a heartwarming quality that almost makes it a comfort watch. Add to that a swift pace, and the runtime makes for a binge that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

The show is slapstick and silly for the most part, but the core characters contend with some deep and heartfelt issues, and seeing them struggle through the issues makes it easier to root for them.


Ex-Addicts Club fails to deliver funny moments, much less ones that genuinely inspire laugh-out-loud hilarity.

The show has heart and the characters are all worth rooting for, but in the absence of good jokes and overt presence of lot of “funny’ sound effects, the entire affair can come across as rather stale, even with the runtime considered.

The members get over their exes a bit too quickly in the finale, which is a confusing creative decision to take regarding the closures to their arc, since the show leaves Raysa’s conclusion on a cliffhanger.


Rife with heartfelt storylines and heartwarming moments, his cute comfort watch falls short of numerous funny moments from being elevated to a truly worthwhile binge. Sadly, Ex-Addicts Club suffers from weak scripts and a touch of creative flair.

Ex-Addicts Club
Ex-Addicts Club review: Adorable comedy is short on laughs 1

Director: Kuntz Agus, Babang "Ipoenk" K.M.

Date Created: 2023-04-20 12:30

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