Enola Holmes 2 review: Bigger and better than the first part

In ‘Enola Holmes 2’, the young detective takes up her first official case. While investigating, a large conspiracy begins unravelling that sweeps her in as well. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Following the events of the first film, Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) feels she is now ready to start her personal detective agency and become more like her brother, Sherlock (Henry Cavill).

Except, people aren’t as willing to hire her because she is a girl. In contrast, Sherlock gains fame by the second, much to her annoyance at the disparity.

Her fortunes change when Bessie, a little girl, enlists her help to find her missing sister, Sarah Chapman. On the other side, Sherlock is vexed by a case.

As the two investigate their cases, it slowly becomes obvious that they’re both interlinked. Sarah is also revealed to be harbouring a secret that has forced her to hide.

Will Enola find Sarah and solve the case? Or will it be too much for her this time around?


Brown is at her charming best as Enola. She expertly portrays the young girl who is still in the process of growth, but a genius nonetheless.

Cavill has a lot more screen time compared to the first instalment and impresses as usual. His and Brown’s Camaraderie as the Holmes siblings is a highlight of the film.

Louis Patridge, as Tewksbury, Enola’s love interest, impresses as well, although his role isn’t as prominent this time around.


A strong aspect of Enola Holmes is the successful amalgamation of a teen movie with the detective genre. Enola is every bit as cheerful as the characters of a high school movie, but that never trivialises her work as a detective.

By including more of Sherlock, this sequel is far more interesting than the first ever was. It explores the interpersonal dynamic between the siblings, giving it an extra dimension.

Sherlock is colder towards Enola at the start, just like in the first film. He is protective of her but unintentionally distances her from himself due to this.

This time around, he spends more time with her and starts to understand where he was going wrong. By the end of it, they are more of a brother and sister than ever before

The narrative is inspired by true events and characters. This elevates the film as well, making it a unique combination of truth and fiction.

The film hits two birds with one stone with a unique reiteration of Moriarty as a black woman. This gives it diversity, as well as keeps it fresh compared to other Sherlock films and shows.


While the investigation is engaging, it lacks the intrigue that Sherlock titles of the past have managed to achieve.

Although it does a great job with Sherlock and Enola, there is barely any interaction with her mother, who was such a crucial part of the first film. There was scope for developing their relationship as well.


If you enjoyed the first part, ‘Enola Holmes’ 2 will not disappoint. It is easily one of the better film offerings by the streaming network.

Enola Holmes 2
Enola Holmes 2 review: Bigger and better than the first part 1

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