Encounters review: Just not compelling enough

Encounters explores the stories behind 4 different incidents where multiple individuals observed other-worldly phenomena and what they meant. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Throughout modern history, there have been sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena (UAPs) by the general public that have drawn ridicule and skepticism. However, backed by empirical evidence and the sheer number of witnesses prove that there indeed was something.

The series explores the possibility of extra-terrestrial visitors on Earth and how there are enough instances to show that these people claiming to have seen something are not entirely out of order.

From the United States to Zimbabwe, to Wales, to Japan, UAPs have made an appearance all across the globe and while there is still no concrete confirmation of what they are, their mere existence strongly suggests the fact that we’re not alone in this universe.


The series gives a platform to these people who have experienced sightings and actually backs them up with supporting statements and scientific evidence. They must have gone through hell for speaking up but this series attempts to vindicate their beliefs.


In a bid to prove what these people saw indeed existed, the series relies on information overload but that lowers the entertainment factor. Looking at markings on a map or grainy footage isn’t intriguing enough to pull a person’s focus.

No matter how much evidence is laid out, the lack of a clear explanation as to what it is people are seeing remains a put-off. While some people enjoy the mystery or the chase, many out there would rather get an answer.


Encounters is a 4-part series that dives deep into some of the most high-profile UAP sightings around the world in the modern era and how there is enough to the stories to suggest that they are true. However, as a series, this doesn’t really capture the attention of the viewer and raises only some intrigue into the mystery.

Encounters review: Just not compelling enough 1

Director: Yon Motskin

Date Created: 2023-09-25 12:30

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