Emily in Paris season 2 review: Guilty pleasure over weak plot

Rating 2/5

Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ has come out with a season 2 where after landing the dream job in Paris as a marketing executive from Chicago, Emily Cooper, celebrates her exciting new life while balancing work, friends, and romance.


Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) is still in Paris, smiling behind a pile of hair sculpted into astonishing, gravity-defying waves and her fashionable outfits. She has a stable job where she advises premium businesses on marketing campaigns. Her personal life, on the other hand, is difficult.

Emily has gotten herself into an embarrassing love scenario with Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), a chef whose girlfriend, Camille (Camille Razat), is a friend of Emily’s.

She has a brief affair with Matthieu Cadault (William Abadie) and a liaison with newcomer Alfie (Lucien Laviscount), a British expat and banker who despises anything French.

Meanwhile, her buddy Mindy (Ashley Park) is forced to work as a cabaret club bathroom attendant while attempting to make it as a singer.


Lily Collins’s expression remains same in every situation, whether it’s a heated argument with a friend, a fashion show fiasco, or balancing two love interests.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu gets to dive a little deeper into Sylvie’s background, giving the character more depth and allowing the actor to show off more serious acting.

Mindy’s dynamic screen presence is bolstered by Ashley Park’s brilliance, even if the character is bogged down by a hasty romance of her own.

The supporting cast get more screen time but the female actors stand in stark contrast to the show’s lead.


In the second season of Emily in Paris, with each passing scene, the eccentric people grow on you.

The picturesque locations artfully distract you from the boring chain of events that follow.

Each melody enlivens the situations, salvaging an otherwise familiar plot that might be found in any other high-school play.


Emily Cooper in Paris Season 2 can be considered, not so well written and the show has a weak plot with midly developed characters.

The Netflix series is marred by a nondescript protagonist, who doesn’t evolve or gain any kind of dimension in the second season.

Emily’s job as a successful marketing executive consists of posting selfies and writing captions is not believable.

Worth it?

‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 can be watched by those who want to indulge in something that is touch campy and superficial.

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