Elite season 5 review: Ridiculously over the top and disappointing story

Elite is a Spanish thriller drama series that revolves around a group of students in the Las Encinas secondary school and how they go about their lives partying and getting into all sorts of trouble. Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.


After the incident with Armando, Benjamin decides to crack down on the students of Las Encinas with many restrictions. This leads to many of the students rebelling and doing what they want.

Samuel is conflicted between pleasing his girlfriend, Ari, and not letting down Benjamin, who has been something of a father figure to him. Eventually, he realizes that this loyalty he’s shown will not benefit him the way he hoped.

Rebe and Mencia are struggling to fix their relationship. There is this constant back and forth because of how complicated their situation is even though they truly love each other.

Patrick meets a new student, Ivan, and is immediately smitten by him. But Ivan has to get used to this kind of attention and open up his mind a little bit more if he has to accept Patrick’s affection.

Phillipe’s secret is out in the open and the only people who stand by him are Caye and Isadora, but with Isadora whispering in his ear, he pushes away Caye who was the one person trying to help him become better.


Across the board, their acting is intense and yet frustratingly inconsistent. They shine in moments but aren’t able to maintain that effect throughout.

Itzan Escamilla plays Samuel, who is going through a lot of pressure this season, but Escamilla at times overdoes it and just comes off as angry and brooding all the time, very rarely showing off other emotions.

Carla Diaz (Ari) does show a range of emotions as she finds herself conflicted between Samuel and Ivan. All this while also dealing with her father’s behaviour allows her character to show off layers.

Manu Rios plays the rich spoilt brat well and although it has become an annoying aspect of his character, he at least does the role justice and does not hold back.

André Lamoglia and Valentina Zenere are valued additions to the cast this season, bringing two different and intriguing characters to the stage.


The production value is of the highest quality. The costumes and sets for many of the party scenes are so alive and vivid that the audience is left in awe of their magnificence.

The series moves at an agreeable pace and never feels like it’s dragging on despite not necessarily having the best story.


The absurd depiction of high school students as these hedonistic people who have very little inhibitions and get involved in very serious activities is problematic.

The idea that teenagers have the mental capacity to deal with all the things that are being shown on screen is frankly laughable. Their suspension of disbelief is pushed to unreal levels for this series.

The main plot feels repetitive, as each season follows the students trying to cover up a different murder while also partaking in multiple relationships and it feels like the writers have run out of new ideas.

Some of the characters seem to have regressed or do not have a clear picture of the kind of person they are supposed to be as they show wildly different personas throughout the series, not exhibiting linear growth like they need to.


Elite is the prime example of the motto ‘Sex sells’ as it has reached the 5th season and has been renewed for a 6th as well. The story has its high points and is alright for a casual watch for people who have stuck with the series but not recommended for someone looking to add something to their watchlist.

Rating: 2/5

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