Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate review: An interesting and moving documentary

Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate documents the loss of freedom that the queer community enjoyed in a nightclub in 1920s Berlin, before Hitler’s rise to power. The documentary is now streaming on Netflix.


In the late 1920s, in Berlin, a nightclub called Eldorado was a place where LGBTQ+ people could be free and self-determined. Those who frequented this club included Charlotte Charlaque, an intellectual who became one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery in the world.

Some of the others who came to Eldorado were Gottfried, a famous tennis player, and his wife, Lisa; Ernst Röhm, a soldier who was Hitler’s friend; and Magnus Hirschfeld, a well-known sexologist who founded the world’s first gay rights organization.

However, it all begins to change with Hitler’s rise to power. Even before the Nazis seize power, Eldorado is closed down, leaving the queer community with no place where they can meet and be themselves.  

The documentary uses archival footage and interviews with historians, political scientists, activists, and more to not only trace the end of a period of social freedom and tolerance for the queer community in Berlin but also to tell some of their stories.


The documentary introduces the vibrant Eldorado and the various people who visited this place with remarkable reenactments. These reenactments not only give the audience a glimpse of what was but also aid the storytelling; they get the audience invested in the stories of the people represented in the documentary.

Apart from an interesting subject, the documentary also provides theories that explain the changes in history and even people’s behavior. It aims to explore the effect of Hitler’s rule on the queer community as well as teach the audience something new. 

The depiction of the stories of various couples gives the documentary a personal touch. These stories are truly heartbreaking, and they leave an impact, which helps the audience understand the weight of the loss.

Furthermore, the archival footage breathes life into these stories. It blends the private and the public as the scenes shift between reenactments, the photographs of individuals, and the footage of the changing political scene that severely impacts their personal lives.


In the beginning, the documentary introduces the audience to too many people at the same time, which is quite overwhelming and might make the audience lose interest. Due to the information overload, the importance of some of the historical figures will be lost on the audience. 


Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate is a documentary that tells the audience the story of Eldorado and what it signified. It is interesting but also touching, as it depicts personal stories of loss of love and freedom of being oneself.

Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate
Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate review: An interesting and moving documentary 1

Director: Benjamin Cantu

Date Created: 2023-06-28 15:36

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