Echoes (2022) review: Thriller series with brilliant narrative swerves

Echoes (2022) revolves around the lives of twin sisters, Leni and Gina, who switch places constantly until one of them suddenly disappears, causing suspicion. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Leni and Gina are twin sisters who live different lives. Leni lives with her husband and daughter in their hometown and manages a farm while Gina is a writer in LA and married a wealthy man who is also a therapist.

But Leni and Gina have a secret. Every year on their birthday, they switch places and live each other’s lives.

When Gina disappears while she’s living as Leni, Leni heads back home to investigate what happened and she is confronted with the fact that Gina wants to run away and be free.

Leni was always the one who suggested switching places and used it as a way to control Gina even though she said it was to protect her.

Gina sets a plan in motion that devolves into chaos and causes trouble for everyone around them.


Michelle Monaghan is spectacular in this double effort as Leni and Gina. The way she flits between characters is exceptionally well carried out and captivating.

Matt Bomer, Daniel Sunjata and Jonathan Tucker play the various love interests and each has their own unique interactions in the series and they perform capably.

Karen Robinson as Sheriff Louise Floss is a lot of fun to watch. She plays the doubtful and clever sheriff perfectly, always appearing like she knows when something is wrong.


Echoes doesn’t start off strong but by the second episode it picks up and then delivers an engrossing story about two sisters with a peculiar arrangement.

The pacing is perfect and at 7 episodes, Echoes is quite easy to get through without too much of a struggle. The series picks things up in the second half but feels organic throughout.

The background score adds to the thrill of the series with its gloomy and intense tone. The music swells up at all the right moments, boosting the overall experience.

Having both sisters escape and meet Charlie right at the end without confirming which one is which makes for a perfect cliffhanger ending. It stamps home the mystery aspect.


The green screen work during the final waterfall sequence is very poor. The characters are so clearly out of place and the more obvious it looks, the less impact the scene makes.

There are moments during the first two episodes where the story feels like it’s out of the audience’s grasp and could have benefited from a little more clarity.


Echoes is a great mini-series with brilliant performances and an enthralling story. The episodes move by seamlessly giving the audience a thrilling narrative within 7 episodes’ worth of screen time.

Echoes (2022) review: Thriller series with brilliant narrative swerves 1

Director: Li Lu, Anna Mastro, Valerie Weiss

Date Created: 2022-08-19 12:30

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