Drops of God season 1 review: A tasteful tale

Drops of God follows Camille, who must compete with Issei, her father’s best student, after his death to claim her inheritance, which is worth millions of dollars. All the episodes are now streaming on Apple TV+.


Alexandre Léger was a renowned personality in the world of wine. He tried to make his daughter, Camille, an expert like himself at a very young age, but that led to his separation from his wife, and he lost touch with his daughter for years. 

At the time of his death, Alexandre contacts Camille and asks her to come to Tokyo to see him. Camille reaches a little too late and does not get to meet her father. She then finds out that her father planned something for her before his death.

Alexandre’s wine collection is the biggest private wine collection in the world and is worth a fortune. Alexandre created a three-round test to figure out who will inherit his collection — his daughter or his protégé, Issei.

Camille, who has not tasted alcohol in years, and Issei, whose rich family forbids him from taking part in the competition, give it their all to win the competition and end up making new friends and discovering the secrets of the past along the way. 


Fleur Geffrier plays Camille’s part so well that she could have carried the whole show on her shoulders. She somehow manages to make Camille’s character, the kind of woman who speaks three languages and is extremely talented, very relatable.

Geffrier is not the only actor whose performance is impressive. Tomohisa Yamashita, as Issei, goes from being an unemotional and composed man to someone who is romantic and playful. As the plot develops, Yamashita brings out Issei’s emotions one at a time with finesse.

Although Stanley Weber’s character, Alexandre, does not appear in all the episodes, he still manages to make Alexandre seem like a typical eccentric teacher who is passionate about his subject.

It would be safe to say that the cast of Drops of God fully embraces their characters, which makes it a lot easier to get invested in the plot and believe whatever the show tells the audience.


The plot of the show is full of details about various kinds of wines, how they are produced, and more. The show introduces the audience to all these details in a way that is interesting and does not feel overwhelming, even if the audience knows nothing about the subject.

The characters in the show are complex and well-written. There are all kinds of characters, and all of them seem like real people existing in the real world with all their good qualities and flaws; it does not take long for the audience to take an interest in their individual stories.

The show sets the right pace and takes its time to reveal the past that has a huge impact on the present. The audience does not discover the past with the characters; the show reveals it to them like a secret in one of the best episodes of the show.

Camille and Issei’s relationship changes over time. It is the most amusing thing in the last episode, thanks to their special chemistry. It definitely makes the show’s ending heartwarming.

Camille tasting wine and identifying the different aromas are some of the show’s best and most unique scenes. The show creates the kind of atmosphere that gives the impression that the audience is partaking in Camille’s experience but through the sense of sight.


There are some very important scenes in the show, like Camille discovering the truth about Isse’s father, that are not given enough time and attention. They fail to convey emotions like surprise and are wrapped up too soon.


Drops of God is a show that should be on your watchlist, regardless of whether you love wine or not. Its premise promises something unique, and the show definitely delivers it.

Drops of God season 1
Drops of God season 1 review: A tasteful tale 1

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