Don’t Kill Me review: Bland supernatural horror

Rating: 2.5/5

‘Don’t Kill Me’, also known as ‘Non mi uccidere’ in Italian, is a film on Netflix which tells the story of Mirta, who dies of an overdose with her boyfriend but resurrects.


Mirta is a young and shy teenager. Her life changes when she meets the ‘bad-boy’ Robin. The tension between them is very apparent from the first glance and they soon fall for one another. Robin is reckless and rebelious unlike Mirta. One day, he convinces Mirta to try drugs with him but her condition is that it would be the last time that he uses drugs.

Both end up dead together due to overdose. They are laid side by side in their coffins. But the twist is, Mirta is not dead. She breaks through her cemented grave and tries to figure out what is happening and how she needs to survive. She realises that she has become powerful and needs to eat humans to survive. Also, a sect called the Benandanti is chasing Mirta

Along the way, she meets another person like her, Sara, who guides her through the new way of living. Later, she discovers that Robin is very much alive.


The performances are decent in ‘Don’t Kill Me’. Alice Pagani does a fine job as a lost Mirta who’s struggling to survive.

The actor is present in most of the scenes, many of which she carries by herself. She convincingly portrays the agony and confusion the character feels in her solo scenes.


The background score keeps rising slowly and puts the audience on edge. It’s a shame that though that nothing of significant impact is actually happening on the screen. The thrilling music is not supported by the story and its execution.

The mood of ‘Don’t Kill Me’ is well set with green tones, shots filled with blood and gore. This adds to the horror feel of the film.

It sets out to do something new with the vampire/zombie-romance genre.


The story and the characters are very light. They are not well developed even with backstories. The viewers don’t get to know anyone. There is a severe lack of details.

There is also a dearth of dialogues. Everything is explained by characters in a sentence or two. Dialogues mostly don’t last for more than a minute.

While it’s detailed deficient, ‘Don’t Kill Me’ is simultaneously trying to do a lot of things, so much so that it becomes hard to figure out what it actually trying to be. Is it Twilight? Kingdom? Jennifer’s Body? Romeo and Juliet? Fifty Shades Of Gray?

Is it a vampire story? A zombie story? A love story? An erotica?

‘Don’t Kill Me’ is a sloppy mixture of everything and it results in nothingness. Nothing much of significance happens.


Give ‘Don’t Kill Me’ a shot if you enjoy watching gory supernatural vampire-zombie content, otherwise, this is easy to skip.

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