Do Not Disturb (2023) review: Promising drama wavers while confronting its conflict

In Do Not Disturb, Metin starts working at a hotel following the teachings of a social media influencer. However, the guests on his first night make things difficult for him. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Metin, a 50-year-old former sailor, gets back to life by starting off as a night manager at the Komodor Hotel. Though he has been jobless for the past two years, he has dedicatedly followed a social media influencer named Peri Sönmez.

Metin likes to think the way of life Peri preaches has done wonders for him, and he will be joining his new job as an advanced version of himself. However, things aren’t going to be easy for Metin.

Suhal, a girl Metin’s family thinks Metin should marry, also works at the hotel. Furthermore, guests in the form of a depressed musician and a shady man who books a room without registering make Metin’s job difficult. Metin hopes to get through all the chaos by following Peri’s videos.


Cem Yilmaz portrays Metin’s love for social media and life shown on such platforms with utter passion. Yilmaz is able to convince people that social media can draw almost anyone in and make them surrender.

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Ahsen Eroglu plays the role of Suhal with sincerity. Yilmaz and Eroglu successfully create the awkwardness that should exist between their characters in the film.

Celal Kadri Kinoglu, as Bahtiyar, and Bülent Sakrak, as Davut, bring much-needed chaos in the limited time that they get. For the most part, it is Yilmaz who gets to give his best, as his character is fighting himself.


Do Not Disturb creates a gritty environment at the hotel that manages to mix up with the offbeat comedy of the film. The film is more about the protagonist’s inner struggles. The film touches upon an important topic: how social media impacts people.

The writing around the character of Metin smartly illustrates how people can get brainwashed if they spend more time than required on social media. Metin gets so comfortable with living a better life that it becomes toxic for him, making him more lonely than before.


The characters of Bahtiyar and Davut had great potential. While Bahtiyar’s story is portrayed at least to some extent, Davut’s is rushed in the end. Like how Metin got into social media during the pandemic, what happened to Davut could have been explored too, as his moves do raise some eyebrows.

Do Not Disturb confronts its main plot through a hallucination that the protagonist faces. The illusion is very baffling and a mix of a lot of conversations.

The film, at first, promised some heartfelt moments. The film talks about struggles all the time, but it fails to touch a viewer the way it does when Metin first comforts Bahtiyar.


Do Not Disturb is able to draw viewers in with a plot that promises chaos. Largely, the chaos surrounds and only concerns the protagonist. While the drama in the first half is engrossing, the film loses its touch when it comes to confronting the conflict.

Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb (2023) review: Promising drama wavers while confronting its conflict 1

Director: Cem Yılmaz

Date Created: 2023-09-29 12:30

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