Dead to Me season 3 review: A touching end to Jen & Judy’s story

Dead to Me season 3 sees Jen and Judy attempting to keep their lives together by lying to their loved ones and the FBI about Steve’s death. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Jen wakes up from a car accident and finds herself at a hospital alongside Judy. During their time there, Jen learns that Judy might be having cancer.

She eventually lets her best friend know, and a second CT scan confirms it. Judy gets started on chemotherapy treatment, and Jen vows to stay by her side as always.

Meanwhile, the FBI is taking over the case of Steve’s death as his body is found on federal land. A skilled FBI agent comes close to solving Steve’s case, forcing Jen and Judy to take desperate measures in order to save themselves.


Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini’s chemistry as Jen and Judy is stronger than ever. The actresses are committed to the roles, and they pour out an emotional performance that is not over at all.

These two actors are supposed to carry the show on their backs, and they both pay off really well.

Other notable actors, such as Brandon Scott, should’ve gotten enough screen time. Scott as Nick Pager is quite funny when he stays oblivious to Ana Perez’s (Diana-Maria Riva) attempts to protect Jen.


The very predictable storyline is written well to be entertaining for a laid-back weekend watch.

The third season dives more deeply into Jen and Judy’s personal lives, which have been kept aside because of the adventures they have been on for the past year. This exploration quietly hints at the end of their story.

Apart from the sadness and drama, the show also comes packed with loud and funny moments. The scenes compromising Jen and Judy when they try to answer together are quite worth watching, no matter how many times the show uses that formula.

The friendship portrayed is like the backbone of the series, and it hasn’t changed even a bit. Toward the end, though there are some dramatic scenarios, the viewers who have been on this journey with Jen and Judy will definitely shed a tear.


In an attempt to give a proper farewell to the lead characters, the show seems to have wasted a number of plots. The scenario around Steve’s death should’ve ended on a more thrilling note.

The Greeks appeared but had no importance at all. Jen and Judy only used them to come up with a lie.

Similarly, Agent Moranis gets all the hype in the beginning, but he hardly appears throughout the season’s run.

Lastly, there are too many lies and twists that make the story at times confusing.


Dead to Me season 3 is a laid-back watch and a touching farewell to the story and the characters of Jen and Judy. The third season tends to be more of an emotional ride and ditches the thrill ride it was initially on.

Dead to Me season 3
Dead to Me season 3 review: A touching end to Jen & Judy's story 1

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