Control Z season 3 review: Entertaining and suspenseful ride

‘Control Z’ season 3 follows a hacker who begins releasing students’ secrets to the entire high school, while the socially isolated but observant Sofia works to uncover their identity. It is currently streaming on Netflix.


Following the death of National School’s principal Susana, wherein Sofia and her friends were involved, a hacker comes to light blackmailing teenagers all around the city. This makes it difficult to keep the secret pact intact for Sofia and her friends.

The day after the accident, Sofia and her friends notice the body had been removed from its initial place. This freaks them out further as Susana is then declared to have committed suicide.

Despite the pact, Javier and Sofia decide to visit Susana’s house and meet her husband Antonio Guero Segovia. He tells them that they had a fight on the day of Susana’s death and blamed himself for the suicide.

Sofia, still confused about how the body ended up at Guero’s building when she died near the school, decides to resume her own investigation. As she gets further in her investigation, the threats from “_allyoursecrets_” become more frequent.

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Javier suddenly joins the soccer team which Sofia later figures out has something to do with his father Damian being involved in their mess.

Pablo and Raul both almost meet their end while things get scandalous around Claudia, landing the suspicion on her drama teacher. The list of suspects, however, does not end there; it continues further including Raul and Bruno.

Sofia is too adamant to give up on her investigation and lands into grave situations with her friends, eventually reaching the conclusion that more than one person was involved in the threats and blackmailing of teenagers.


Ana Valeria Becerril does a fine job of showing how rough things have been for Sofia in the recent past, and that, while she’s an outcast, she would rather sit back and observe how predictable her classmates are.

Though a romantic interest, Michael Ronda successfully plays the role of Watson to Sofia’s Sherlock. Michael makes his character Javier very aware of his less significance to Sofia’s story.

Yankel Stevan, playing the role of Raul, brilliantly portrays how cunning his character is, making the air of ambiguity more evident to the viewers.


There are constant twists throughout the plot to keep the viewers guessing who the culprit is.

The mysterious storyline is something that Sherlock Holmes fans would enjoy more than others.

Albeit the cliches throughout the season, the casting and performance makes up for it skillfully.


Control Z is just intriguing enough to sustain an audience until the end but not so intriguing as to linger in the memory for very long afterward.

All three seasons essentially follow the same structure and plot — a hacker blackmailing a bunch of teenage students, while the amateur Sofia tries to get to the bottom of it — making it a bit redundant.


Control Z season 3 does not feel like anything new but has enough twists and turns to keep the viewers entertained and looking forward to the conclusion. It is in fact an entertaining teenage take on the lines of Sherlock Holmes with the extra cliques and rivalries within a high school, making the season worthwhile.

Rating: 3.5/5

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