Chosen (2022) review: A few snags but works out in the end

Rating 3/5

In ‘Chosen’, Emma, a young girl, finds her life turned upside down when a meteor strikes her village, and she quickly finds that the world is not as safe as she had assumed, everything she thought she knew turns out to be incorrect.


Emma (Malaika Berenth Mosendane), a young girl, is attempting to uncover the truth about a meteor that crashed 17 years ago in her hometown of Middelbo.

Hans, the man who witnessed the meteor crash invites her to his house for a meeting. They are attacked but she is saved by a mystery man.

Marie (Andrea Hick Gadeberg), Mads (Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt), Frederik (Andreas Dittmer) and Elvis (Mohamed Djeziri) lead her into the museum and inform her that they are investigating the meteor fall and keeping a watch on everybody they know was present.

Along the process, she meets a variety of good and terrible characters who help her solve the riddle.

Emma sides with alien Lukas (Anders Heinrichsen) after a dispute with her gang. Meanwhile, she realizes Lykke (Line Kruse) is concealing something. Lukas encourages Emma to call Lykke after seeing her with Susan and Adrian.


Malaika Berenth Mosendane is the show’s leading star and she gives an incredible performance as Emma. She has built a solid basis for her acting career and it will be exciting to see what she does next.

Andrea Heick Gadeberg is another performer whose subtle presentation captivates the audience.

Andreas Dittmer, Albert Rudbeck Lindthardt and Mohamed Djeziri, on the other hand, deliver outstanding performances in their respective roles.

However, it’s Anders Heinrichsen’s portrayal as Lukas that is brilliant and that will steal your heart. In practically every scene, he is fierce, gorgeous, and terrifying.

Line Kruse as Lykke offers yet another passionate performance that demonstrates why she is one of Denmark’s most well-known artists.


The show’s strength is its well-written story. The start may appear slow at first but it picks up speed at the finish.

Another fantastic feature is that viewers gain a thorough understanding of the characters. As a result, you empathize with them and sympathize with them if they are hurt or misled.

The series also features some of the most spectacular visuals seen in a sci-fi thriller.


The worst element of the series is arguably how poorly the script connects to the audience.

The adult characters aren’t very well defined but there’s intended to be some mystery surrounding who they are and what they know.

The audience is not provided with enough information with either character, their goals, or the reason for which they invest so much time to recognizing this reality.


‘Chosen’ is worth a watch as it will mesmerize you with some interesting twists and turns.

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