Chad and JT Go Deep review: A laughless satire comedy focused on pointless activism

Chad and JT Go Deep is a Netflix series that follows satiric comedians as they take their activism to the streets of Southern California to raise awareness about critical problems. When one of their causes mistakenly results in their cancellation, they utilise their activism to reclaim society’s favour and trust.


Chad and JT, activists from Southern California, fight for skateboarders’ safety and rights, but they are cancelled because their petition to “Protect our Boarders” is mistaken for xenophobic sentiments. The mainstream media picks up on this controversy, worsening the situation.

Zedd, the prominent music producer, isn’t pleased with their sudden unfavourable connotation and uninvites them to a gig in Vegas where they may campaign for raising awareness.

While Chad and JT are feeling miserable, they accidentally run into an actress from the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise. They decide to apologise on live television after receiving a celebrity pep talk.

To regain the favour of their buddy Zedd, they increase their level of activism.

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During a streaking adventure, Chad and JT decide to channel their insecurity into a bold new movement to end “Small Dong Shame.” When their efforts to promote the cause are unsuccessful in gaining Zedd’s trust and invitation. They seek the guidance of their guru, Troy.

Meanwhile, a breakdown in communication causes them to break up and pursue their own interests. As a result, Chad and JT’s friendship and activism are put on hold.


Tom Allen and John Parr play the surfer bro characters “Chad and JT,” respectively. Their acting is one-dimensional, and the boring personalities do not change over the episodes.

While the duo present themselves as naive, foolish, and having fun, this isn’t reflected on the screen as strongly.

The clichéd side characters have little to offer. They’re just cringeworthy and funny for all the wrong reasons.


Unlike most comedy series, Chad and JT Go Deep is presented as a documentary and to dazzle the audience, an outstanding lineup of guest stars, including Zedd and Jordana Brewster is offered to the viewers.

Along with providing little amusement, the series also forces the audience to make wise decisions and learn valuable lessons.

There are instances of comic idiotic bliss, such as when Chad offers to teach reading to some kids and has them mimic a scene from the Rob Cohen-directed movie “Fast and Furious.”


This satirical comedy series combines absurd situations and characters to poke fun at serious issues. However, it utterly fails. The humour is also broken and outrageous. It’s reminiscent of elementary school humour when a child does something ridiculous and everyone laughs.

There are no redeeming aspects, and the story is quite immature and meaningless, with no nuance involved. The writing isn’t really clever or sharp.

It’s simply monotonous, with sketches of public pranks and plain manic idiocy that reflects adversely on the screen.


Chad and JT Go Deep is a huge letdown aside from the positive life lessons and a few forced laughs. Any prank comedy enthusiasts could just visit Chad and JT’s youtube channel, though that isn’t much of an improvement on this series.

A show with such a ridiculous premise would seem to at least be outrageous enough to be seen and mocked, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t. It’s a shockingly dull series that people should avoid.

Chad & JT Go Deep
Chad and JT Go Deep review: A laughless satire comedy focused on pointless activism 1

Director: Daniel Lucchesi

Date Created: 2022-08-23 12:30

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