Captain Fall review: Just another basic series without enough flavor

Captain Fall is an adult animated series about a criminal cartel that hires a really gullible man to be the captain of their cruise ship where they conduct illegal business. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Jonathan Fall is not the most accomplished person in life but when he is brought on to become the captain of the Caribbean Queen cruiseliner, he is viewed with fresh distinction.

What Fall doesn’t know is that the cruise liner is just a cover for more nefarious activity with the owner and the rest of the crew complicit in these activities.

Captain Fall stumbles along in this role of authority while the crew does their best to make sure he is none the wiser, even though he is set up to take the blame if anything ever goes wrong.


The animation style is very crisp and vivid. Even many of the more gruesome scenes tend to remain in memory for a while after they have passed.

Some of the isolated subplots are genuinely interesting the writing put into those deserves some appreciation.


There is an uneven importance given to seemingly important subplots such as Agent Steel’s pursuit of the cartel, and the focus on Jonathan’s family, especially Tanner. It is all a bit inadequate and doesn’t help the narrative much.

The characters aren’t the most engaging individuals and Jonathan’s incompetence doesn’t always read as charming or funny. There are certain tropes that are leaned into and they don’t have the desired impact, such as the clear negligence of the authorities.


Captain Fall is just another adult-animated series in a genre that is slowly becoming a bloated library and while it does have some credibility to it as a casual watch, it is not a show that will be talked about in a week or two.

Captain Fall
Captain Fall review: Just another basic series without enough flavor 1

Director: Adam Parton, Violaine Briat, Steven Chan, Peter Merryman,

Date Created: 2023-07-28 12:30

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