Brotherhood season 2 review: An impressive dark horse that deserves a watch

Season 2 of Brotherhood sees Gomes double down after hearing about Matos. Cristina convinces Darlene to try new tactics and then confronts her past as they plot to rip off the DA. The Brazillian crime series is currently streaming on Netflix.


Brotherhood season 2 chiefly follows Cristina, Edson, Darlene, Ivan, Andrade and Marcel through their lives when they become involved in the formation of a gang. The majority of the series is narrated from the perspectives of Cristina and Edson, who are siblings with opposing views on justice.

When their lives become intertwined via crime, they understand that their separate realities are somehow tied to a shared reality.

Cristina is an honest and devoted lawyer who discovers one day that her older brother, whom she always admired, is in prison. She learns that her estranged sibling is the leader of a rising criminal gang known as Brotherhood.

Later, she becomes a part of the gang as she gets too close to getting out of the criminal world.

Edson and the other prisoners, on the other hand, have to submit to the government. Edson is made an offer by Fernando Gomes, the new secretary, which he refuses, leading to unwanted outcomes.

Darlene is adamant about getting rid of Cristina as she knows she was the informant. Cristina is called for help by Edson as he needs money.

Cristina and Darlene are required to plan a heist to save Edson and the other members of the Brotherhood, which extends Cristina’s time.

Cristina, against the methods of her brother, is coerced to do things she does not want to partake in, to prove her loyalty.

She is put under pressure to resolve problems for the Brotherhood via undesirable means to stay alive.


Seu Jorge successfully brought out Edson’s railing against the corrupt administration and his frustration in the prison.

Naruna Costa, playing Cristina, has realistically portrayed going back and forth between her guilt over her role in her brother’s downfall, making it seem like the viewers are in her shoes, experiencing the same dilemma as her.

Both Jorge and Costa are steadfast in their characters’ convictions and wracked with pain over how they got there.

Hermila Guedes, albeit playing the side role of Darlene, convincingly portrays the role of Edson’s wife, seeking revenge for him and trying to help him escape as well. 

With an enthusiastic and energetic cast, Brotherhood season 2 plays with the absolutes. The characters all play a part in a violent chess game.


The outcomes are brutal but satisfying for the audience, as the ongoing political and civil war against the system, brewing inside a torn down prison, brings salivating entertainment.

The web series enjoys many twists and turns but manages to maintain the excitement and not ponder into the hysterical.

It has binge-worthy pace and plenty of hyperbole in the dialogues.


At certain instances, the dialogues seemed more repetitive and cliche than clever.

The first episode gives the viewers a clear prediction of who the primary characters are and what their motivations are instead of setting a base first.

The gore scenes seem overdone and unnecessary on most occasions.


The Brazilian Netflix web series packs all the punches, offering an exhilarating story from the offset, bringing an exciting and gritty continuation. Despite the unnecessary gore scenes and cliche dialogues, the web series seems worth a watch, given its plot and relatable portrayal of the lack of faith in the justice system.

Rating: 3/5

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