Brazen (2022) review: Comical murder mystery

Rating: 1.5/5

Netflix’s Brazen follows a mystery writer, Grace Miller as she tries to solve the murder case of her sister who had a double life. She is aided by detective Ed Jennings, who is also her sister’s next door neighbour.


As Brazen begins, we learn that Kathleen, Grace’s sister is leading a double life. She works as a Drama and English teacher by day and a webcam performer named Desiree on an adult website called Fantasy Incorporated by night.

On the surface it might seem like Grace writes books about women getting murdered but in a scene she specifies that they are actually about the exploitation of women, misogyny, patriarchy and how we do so little to protect the vulnerable.

Kathleen who is a recovering drug addict wants Grace by her side, now more than ever as she is fighting a custody battle for her son with her ex husband, Jonathan Breezewood. Kathleen tells Grace that she has obtained some files that proves that Jonathan is stealing from the family trust and blackmailing him with this might be her only way to win back her son’s full custody as his family is very connected and rich.

Grace meets Kathleen’s next door neighbour, detective Ed Jennings and they decide to go on a date. After the date when Grace returns home, she sees Kathleen’s body lying on the floor of her bedroom. She runs back and gets Ed while still trying to process what she just saw. Kathleen is pronounced dead and the investigation led by Ed immediately starts.

As the detectives start going over the potential suspects, another webcam performer is killed. This makes them conclude that there’s a serial killer on the loose.

Despite Ed’s strong disapproval Grace convinces the captain that she has an instinct to find out the motive of a murder and she could contribute a lot to the case. The captain agrees and they team up to find the killer.


Alyssa Milano as Grace Miller drives the whole movie. She does a good job playing the smart writer who has to solve a murder but it is hard to believe that she is grieving the death of her sister as we rarely see her in moments of extreme vulnerability.

Sam Page as detective Ed Jennings is charming but he doesn’t have much to showcase as his character is very one dimensional.


It is like a Hallmark or television movie but better. It is campy yet entertaining.

This is not a film with a mind boggling suspense in the end. If you keep this in mind as you watch it, you might even have fun getting all the answers right.


It is very predictable with all the familiar tropes and stereotypes.

The dialogues are terrible at times and the writing is confusing as you don’t know if the cheesiness and absurdity is intentional or not.

The romantic angle in this movie is very ill timed and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

The story is filled with plot contrivances and ridiculous twists.

Worth it?

If you are looking for a mediocre guilty pleasure murder mystery, then this one is for you.

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