Big Mouth season 6 review: Extremely raunchy but teaches important lessons

Season 6 of Big Mouth sees the kids from Bridgeton explore new relationships and learn many new lessons in their life. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.


The teenagers learn a lot of important lessons in this season as their hormone monsters guide them through this turbulent time in their lives.

Andrew has a girlfriend named Bernie whom he loves but he’s also insecure about losing her. Meanwhile, his parents are always arguing and they even split up which affects Andrew greatly.

Nick finds out that he’s got a Scottish heritage and a grandfather who Elliot doesn’t want to reach out to. When Nick goes against his father and mother’s wishes, he forces them into a situation that makes life difficult for all of them.

Missy meets a new boy and builds a relationship with him even though he wants to take it slow, something her hormone monster isn’t happy about. Jessi splits her time between her mother and father and stepmother and learns about gender identity as well.

Jay and Mathew’s relationship goes along well until Mathew realizes that he’s forcing Jay into a role that is not normal for him so he has to break up with him, much to both of their disappointment.


Despite its eccentric premise, there are serious lessons shared about gender identity, gender equality, sexuality and other such concepts that a growing child grows through.

They’re dealt with in a more or less mature manner and the tone is made distinct when compared to the rest of the shenanigans that take place in the series.

The musical numbers and the voice acting is phenomenal and hugely entertaining. With such a wide array of characters, all the voices feel fresh and unique.

The meta-humour and satire are backed up by a script that is well aware of the message it is trying to put across. Some several zingers and references should make the audience’s ears perk up with intrigue.


With so many concurrent plotlines, the series can feel a little overwhelming at times and some characters fall by the wayside due to lack of attention.

The raunchy and crass nature of the series means it is definitely not suitable for all audiences and there may be a section of them who will find what they see very unsettling.


Big Mouth season 6 comes back even stronger than the last and does not hold back any punches. It’s got a clear identity and goal in mind and pushes toward that goal with complete gusto.

It still remains a series not meant for the faint of heart or values but for those that have stuck through the journey, this season will be yet another fun ride.

Big Mouth season 6
Big Mouth season 6 review: Extremely raunchy but teaches important lessons 1

Director: Bryan L Francis, Alex Salyer, Henrique Jardim

Date Created: 2022-10-28 12:30

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