Beyond the Universe review: Filled with cliches

Beyond the Universe follows the story of a pianist with lupus, who is encouraged by a doctor to chase her musical dreams again. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Nina, a talented pianist, puts her dream of performing with the Symphony Orchestra on hold after collapsing on stage and discovering that she has lupus.

From that point on, her life goes through a drastic change, as she needs a kidney transplant to survive, and until the hospital finds the right match, she has to visit three times a week for hemodialysis.

An advertisement in a newspaper suggesting that the Symphony Orchestra needs a pianist encourages her to pursue her dream again, despite the fact that she is not in the best possible shape.

Though the universe is not really on her side, Gabriel, a resident at a hospital, gives her the push she needs. They eventually come close and fall in love with each other.

Nina begins questioning herself again when she passes out on the stage for the second time, while the person who believed in her, Gabriel, is put under investigation for having a relationship with a patient.


Giulia Be as Nina and Henrique Zaga as Gabriel rule the movie as the two leads for most of its duration. The roles aren’t that challenging, so they end up giving decent performances required for the story presented.

Leo Bahia as Yuri and Viviane Araújo as Amanda are the two other cast members who steal the limelight from the leads for the limited time they have on screen.

Leo Bahia plays a likable sidekick to Gabriel, while Viviane Araújo makes the best of the motivational speech her character has to deliver to Nina in one of the scenes.


The movie does a good job of establishing the respective lives of both the lead characters in their own space before having them cross paths.

It also makes use of some beautiful transitions during some of Nina’s musical performances and the time she comes close to Gabriel.


Beyond the Universe brings a regular romantic comedy storyline portrayed for years with nothing new to add to it. From the plot points featured to the characters and their stories, everything is a cliche.

Even the mannerism of some characters continues to be typical, and the movie ruins it with dialogues that tend to explain their actions, which are already understood by the viewer.

For the two-hour runtime it has, the movie has scenes that only develop the character a bit, but when it comes to the story, these scenes could’ve been easily avoided.


Beyond the Universe will only be a watch for those who can’t get enough of romantic comedies. It has nothing special about it, and one can easily skip it to find other credible movies in the same genre.

Beyond the Universe
Beyond the Universe review: Filled with cliches 1

Director: Diego Freitas

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