Behind Your Touch review: Fun rom-com mystery derailed by plot

Behind Your Touch follows a psychic veterinarian and a disgraced detective working together to track down a serial killer terrorizing a small, remote town.


Bong Ye-Bun, a struggling veterinarian in a small town called Chungcheong-do gets hit by a meteor and gains psychic powers, which she can use to see animals’ and humans’ memories by touching their butts.

Moon Jang-Yeol, a disgraced detective from Seoul, is transferred to Mujin where he plans to solve major cases as soon as possible to rack up points and return to the city and his old position. But there are no major cases here.

That is until a serial killer begins terrorizing Mujin, and Bong Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol find themselves at the center of a whole lot of absurdity, tragedy, and hilarity.

A lot of people become suspects as Ye-Bun also falls for a sweet and good-looking young man named Kim Seon-Woo, who’s in Mujin for his own purposes. A lot of lives are lost in the hunt for the serial killer who turns out to be the local shaman.

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After Seon-Woo sacrifices his life to save her, Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol defeat the killer together and put him behind bars, before resuming their lives and beginning their own love story. That’s when Behind Your Touch concludes.


Han Ji-Min plays Bong Ye-Bun with great enthusiasm. She’s able to capture and render all that charm and passion in her performance.

Lee Min-Ki plays Moon Jang-Yeol, a hot-headed detective who makes many mistakes and many new discoveries in the case. Min-Ki is very believable in the role.

Suho plays Kim Seon-Woo, the not-so-obvious and open-book of a character. And yet Seon-Woo makes it work flawlessly.


Behind Your Touch works really well as an adorable rom-com. The characters are cute, their dynamics and chemistry with each other are cute, and the overall vibes are just comforting.

It’s also really endearing and heartwarming to see some of the characters here. From the performances of the actors to the writing, the supporting characters who make up the residents of Mujin come across as really authentic despite their eccentricities.

Although it’s kind of muddled up and unnecessarily convoluted, the mystery of the serial killer is enthralling to follow through until the end.


The story involved grand scams carried out by corrupt politicians, and a serial killing case in the midst of a political conspiracy seems like the perfect tool to comment on greed and capitalism.

A plot that involved the serial killer executing his murders in relation to political corruption would have made for a far more compelling and cathartic story instead of an adorkable grifter turning out to be a serial killer who kills for the sake of fun.

Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol have some really heartwarming and adorable moments together throughout Behind Your Touch, but the development of their relationship at the end feels rushed and improperly fleshed out.


Behind Your Touch is a great comfort binge that’s held down largely by its own plot, which tends to become the sole hoarder of all the focus while the supporting characters get sidelined, as well as their subplots chucked away.

Behind Your Touch
Behind Your Touch review: Fun rom-com mystery derailed by plot 1

Director: Kim Seok-yoon, Choi Bo-yoon

Date Created: 2023-08-23 20:30

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