Bake Squad season 2 review: Feel good series that isn’t always engaging

In season 2 of Bake Squad, Gonzo, Cristophe, Ashley, and Maya-Camille return to help Christina Tosi create delectable desserts for all kinds of special occasions. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.


Christina Tosi once again invites her A-Team of bakers, Ashley Holt, Christophe Rull, Maya-Camille Broussard, and Gonzo Jimenez to come up with creative and wonderful desserts and confectionaries for a different special occasion in each episode.

From a bar mitzvah to an ’80s-themed volunteer appreciation party, the bakers have it all to do as they combine different flavors and textures, and techniques to come up with the perfect dessert and get selected for the occasion.

The creations are heartwarming and the reactions to these fabulous desserts are what it’s all about as the bakers have a hand in creating long-lasting memories.


The human element of the series is truly touching and sweet. Listening to the nominators talk about the occasion and why it is special to them tugs at the heartstrings of anyone watching.

The ingenuity on display is magnificent and mesmerizing and these bakers prove why they are considered experts by showcasing their specialties.


The episodes are largely skippable as the process of the bakers is skimmed through without really adding real urgency. Since it is a friendly competition without major stakes means the intensity is at a lower level.


Season 2 of Bake Squad is a wonderful display of craft and expertise but it doesn’t hold the same excitement as other true reality cooking competitions. The bakers have lovely personalities to accompany their skills but this is a series that might very much be played in the background.

Bake Squad season 2
Bake Squad season 2 review: Feel good series that isn't always engaging 1

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Date Created: 2023-01-20 13:30

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