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Baarish Season 2 review: Bittersweet nuances of relationships

Relationships are fragile and need to be handled with care and understanding. They are built on compassion and trust between two individuals. The rain which started with a drizzle in Baarish season 1 concluded with Gauravi (Asha Negi) and Anuj (Sharman Joshi) holding on to each other despite several odds. However, it turns into a storm this time around.


Gauravi is back from jail and Anuj, along with his mother Padmini (Leena Prabhu), moves into his in-laws’ house due to his siblings Rishi (Sahil Shroff) and Shreya (Priya Banerjee) betraying him. 

Romance flourishes between Gauravi and Anuj and everything seems to be going on smoothly till Rishi and Shreya reenter their lives.

This changes everything with Aniket (Vikram Chauhan) and Shreya getting into loggerheads with each other again creating problems for Anuj and Gauravi who struggle to maintain peace and sanity in the house.

Things reach boiling point between the couple and their relationship turns bitter. The threat of separation grows larger due to these sudden turn of events which includes an unbearable tragedy.


For seasoned actor Sharman Joshi, the role of Anuj is a cake walk and he plays his character to perfection. From a naive and soft spoken person to a shrewd businessman, Anuj’s character provides ample scope for Joshi to give out a stellar performance. 

Negi is equally amazing. As Gauravi, she is at par with Joshi and sometimes even better than him. They both look fabulous on-screen and have great chemistry.

Sahil Shroff, Priya Banerjee and Vikram Chauhan along with Muni Jha give superb performances as well and add to Baarish 2’s arsenal.


The thin thread of trust and understanding holding relationships together is shown efficiently in Baarish season 2. Director Nandita Mehra expertly explores insecurities among the rich and affluent as they cope with love and emotional.

Aided by Gajra Kottary’s sensible story-line and captivating screenplay by Gautam Hegde, Baarish season 2 makes a good impact.

Music composer Ashish Rego’s contribution is also laudable. Furthermore, Sadanand Pillai’s cinematography which highlights rain as one of the chief characters throughout the story is extraordinary.


The probability of another season cannot be ruled out as there are many loose ends which need to be tied up. Which is fine but it makes season 2 not as complete as one would like.

The presence of Bollywood legend Jeetendra surely heightens expectations but his appearance in a less than significant role is really disappointing. 

Anuj’s sudden transformation from a naive individual who loves his wife to a shrewd businessman focused on earning money at all costs feels too dramatic and unrealistic.

Worth it?

Baarish Season 2 is a pleasant shower in this blistering summer which focuses on critical aspects that make or break relationships. Although not perfect, it is a show worthy of your time.

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