Another Self review: A slow-paced yet compelling storyline

‘Another Self’ is a new Turkish drama web series which shows a group of friends’ journeys as they vacation in a lovely seaside town, where they discover their true selves and face their fears. Netflix is currently streaming the series.


Leyla (Seda Bakan) and Sevgi (Boncuk Yilmaz), a lawyer and influencer, and Ada (Tuba Büyüküstün), a general surgeon take a road trip to Ayvalik after Sevgi’s cancer rages back.

They visit a local guru named Zaman (Firat Tanis) in quest of a fresh kind of spiritual treatment.

Ada meets Toprak (Murat Boz) in Ayvalik, with whom she had a relationship in the past. The husband of Leyla goes bankrupt and disappears. Sevgi convinces her friends to go to a meeting with Zaman.

After finding out that her husband had cheated on her and getting fired from her job, Ada decides to divorce him. Sevgi meets and falls in love with an owner of a tiny café.

Sevgi agrees to wed, but Muko is sceptical about Fiko. A note from Muko explaining their family history, including how Sevgi and Muko contribute to the connection with Aram, is found by Sevgi the night before her wedding. As a result, Sevgi collapses, and it is discovered that her cancer has not been gone.

Zaman helps make the traumas, diseases, and other things that are at the heart of the past visible to these women. With each other’s assistance and encouragement, the friends face their concerns and are prepared to further analyse their circumstances and themselves.


Ada is portrayed by Tuba Büyüküstün in the drama series “Another self”. She performs with a lot of grace and style. Her voice complemented the part well, and she was amazing at subtly portraying emotions.

The actors are amazing in their parts. Seda Bakan and Boncuk Yilmaz, respectively, play Leyla and Sevgi. Both of them do a great job of capturing the feelings associated with the characters’ friendship.

As always, Firat Tanis is fantastic. He plays the role of Zaman in this series. Both his acting and his physical appearance complement the role.

Toprak is presented in the series by supporting actor, Murat Boz who gives a great performance as well. He does the role justice and his voice is perfect for the role.


Burcu Alptekin, the director, gives the entire production a sunny, touristic feel. The film features stunning visuals and is set in a picture-perfect Turkish coastal village. The cinematography of the series is fantastic.

The screenplay is well-written and fairly consistent in how the plot unfolds, and the production is good. The plot plays its cards right and progresses in a way that keeps the audience interested. It will appeal to people who want a solid narrative that provokes thinking and develops intriguing character roles.

The drama series may be equated to a circle since it comes round again to the beginning, while there is lovely character growth and everyone seems to be in a better position at the end. The chemistry between the characters and the drama that unfolds is impressive.


The show occasionally stretches on, and each episode clocks in at a little under an hour. You might find yourself getting a touch impatient with how slowly paced some of these episodes are in the middle.

The series occasionally comes across as soapy and a little too dramatic. Not all of the characters capture the audience’s interest right away.


Another Self is worth a watch as there is plenty of drama, intriguing characters and spiritualism throughout the story which keeps you engaged.

Rating 3/5

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