Ancient Apocalypse review: Compelling but overtly dramatic

Ancient Apocalypse follows journalist Graham Hancock as he searches for evidence of an advanced civilization that might’ve perished during an ancient apocalypse. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Journalist Graham Hancock, described by the world as a pseudo-archaeologist, vows to prove that an advanced civilization possibly existed during the ice age.

After spending decades searching for proof of this civilization around the world, Hancock aims to piece all of these clues together to put forth evidence that challenges the traditional view of human history.

Hancock’s mission upsets the experts, who claim that the only humans to exist during the ice age were simple hunter-gatherers.

Despite the utmost criticism received for his work, Hancock presents the number of locations he has visited that hint about this advanced civilization that might’ve been lost, forgotten, or erased from history.


Graham Hancock is quite passionate about the theories he is presenting. On top of that, his storytelling skills are to be taken note of.

Hancock has effectively used this opportunity offered by Netflix and has come up with a compelling series that challenges the ones that are usually found on Discovery or History Channel.

The locations visited are beautifully captured. Graham’s vision around them is also brilliantly animated and brought out in front of the screens.

These animations depict how Hancock imagines the locations to be during the ice age or the time these advanced civilizations inhabited it.

The theories around the lost civilizations aside, the show is quite educative when it comes to exploring cultures, the myths, legends, and stories that have been told around for centuries.

Many of these stories have been revised and heard for years. How similar these stories are is something that will intrigue a viewer.


Ancient Apocalypse hardly comes out as a great documentary and could’ve been a better fit for television.

The way the story has been told, backed by overtly dramatic music and statements, may engross the audience at first, but over time it becomes obvious that Hancock doesn’t have anything solid to offer.

Even the conversations between Hancock and the other archaeologists and scientists feel unnatural.

The show tends to ask more than answer. It plays a lot on ‘what if’ and once the viewers realize that the show has no credible answers to the questions asked, they might give up watching.


Ancient Apocalypse is more about whether you enjoy shows like ‘Ancient Aliens’ or not. If the answer is yes, the show is definitely worth watching, as it is more compelling than the ones you will find on television.

Ancient Apocalypse
Ancient Apocalypse review: Compelling but overtly dramatic 1

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