An Indian Abroad review: Parashar’s journey shatters myths about UAE

An Indian Abroad review: Parashar's journey shatters myths about UAE 1

In the newest instalment of World of MG, An Indian Abroad, Tripoto and Amol Parashar took a journey through UAE.

Split into four ‘webisodes’, Parashar travelled through two emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and several popular landmarks of the country.

Starting with the luxurious side of Dubai, Parashar explored Dubai Mall and the Gold and Spice Souqs of the country. He then moved on to indulge in the historical areas of Dubai including Hatta before visiting Abu Dhabi in the final episode.

By doing so, the season manages to reveal hidden gems of the country that the common public might be unaware of. Throughout this edition, Parashar maintains crisp and descriptive commentary as he moves from one sight to another.

An Indian Abroad review: Parashar's journey shatters myths about UAE 2
Image Source: Tripoto Travel’s YouTube Channel

With this, he addresses and corrects the various misconceptions that people could possibly have about UAE.

The series makes itself relatable for the young crowd as Parashar takes a stroll along the Love Lakes and a ride at the Formula Rossa (the fastest rollercoaster in the world).

What stands out most is Parashar’s visit to an Emirati household for dinner as he is showered with hospitality, food and gifts. This experience creates a traditional contrast between Parashar’s previous visit to a hookah lounge which provides a distinct visual of Dubai’s nightlife.

Overall, Tripoto uses wide, aerial shots to capture the road trip and landscapes from the country giving the viewers a passenger view throughout.

Although the trip could have allotted more time some of the more interesting landmarks and ended up skipping a few memorable ones, Parashar’s light comedy makes up for it and keeps the season entertaining.

You can watch the episodes on YouTube. Here’s the first chapter:

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