An Indian Abroad China: Amol Parashar’s mini travel series is an enjoyable ride

An Indian Abroad China: Amol Parashar’s mini travel series is an enjoyable ride 1

Travel platform Tripoto’s short travel series on facebook named ‘An Indian Abroad’ is centred on Amol Parashar, who travels to different countries and narrates his experience, with China being the latest.

An Indian Abroad China: Amol Parashar’s mini travel series is an enjoyable ride 2
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The latest season is a follow-up to the Thailand chapter. Spanning four episodes, each lasting less than seven minutes, it showcases Parashar’s trip to China and him exploring prominent cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou.

The series sheds light on lesser-known aspects of China. Parashar talks about different Chinese traditions, food culture and various heritage spots in the country over the season.

Parashar rose to fame as Chitvan in TVF’s Tripling and he brings much of the character’s energy into this series. A welcome change from the one-tone travel guides, he proves himself to be a capable host.

The popular actor never lets the narrative feel dragged. He’s cracking jokes, giving out interesting facts and thoroughly enjoying the experience himself, all of which keep the audience engaged.

He occasionally utters precisely what a lot of the viewers might be thinking. At one point, he says: “All this diversity has made me realise how little of China I was aware of,” perfectly describing exactly how I felt after watching the season.

The series is edited well and does a fantastic job in capturing the mesmerising beauty of China. From futuristic cities to villages and regal spots, it’s hard to believe how much has been packed into these short episodes.

Though much of the narrative is smooth, the occasional in-your-face advertisements break the flow. These ads could have been incorporated in a much more subtle manner.

An Indian abroad doesn’t just speak out to people who love to travel. If you want to know more about life in different countries, you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

The next chapter sees Parashar travel to UAE’s Dubai.

Here’s the first episode, you can find the rest in the ‘videos’ section:

World Of MG | An Indian Abroad | China | EP:1

We're back with another road trip and in this season of 'World Of MG: An Indian Abroad', we explore China with Amol Parashar ! Tag your friends and join the journey!#AnIndianAbroad#WorldOfMG

Posted by Tripoto on Thursday, 18 April 2019