Alien Worlds review: Vibrant and fascinating

Rating: 4/5

The documentation with Alien Worlds on Netflix is so well-informed that it speaks directly to the viewers. The world beyond our solar system never seemed this intriguing.


Alien Worlds is a British sci-fi docuseries on the existence of various creatures. Unlike several previous documentaries of this kind, Alien Worlds doesn’t talk solely about Earth.

It introduces us to the existence of exoplanets that exist outside the solar system. Through four episodes, the show covers four such planets and life on it, called Atlas, Janus, Eden and Terra.

The show never misses the point. It does delve into deeper aspects of plant and animal life on these planets but by comparing it to life on Earth, it tries to make the concepts simpler.


Since this is a documentary, there are no fictional characters. Of course, there is animation and virtual effects used to portray life on these planets.

Every episode is helmed by microbiologists, entomologists and evolutionary biologists among others. Kennda Lynch, Magdalma Sorger and Carlos Lopez were some of these experts who presented their personal findings in their respective fields of study.

These evidences and findings were later used to compare similar functions among creatures on the given exoplanets. Narrator Sophie Okonedo is successful in catching the attention of viewers.


Alien Worlds is one of a kind because despite being a documentary, it does assume alien creature lives and presents it. And in doing so, also seems convincing.

Planet Janus is described to have a Twilight Zone that separates night and day into equal halves. Just like this, every planet comes with mesmerising details.

A lot of inspiration is drawn from lives on Earth. For example, Danakil Depression in Ethiopia gravely resembles the artificially created lives on exoplanets.

The series talks about ‘survival of the fittest’, and through this it unveils evidences of creatures enduring inhabitable spaces through extreme metabolism.

The animation and camerawork is exemplary. The show applies laws of life on Earth to conceptualize possible reality on other planets, which is genius.

Alien Worlds will have people reaching for their phones and searching for every location described. The series draws attention to some serious threats our planet is under. Climate change is also addressed.


The fact that not just animations but most concepts are also unreal is not mentioned enough. One might think it to be an animated representation of actual lives.

With Planet Atlas, gravity is defined almost opposite to its definition. There is lack of explanation as to how that makes sense.

Sometimes, these creatures seem quite similar to fictional Sci-Fi films like Stranger Things and Annihilation. This might make the idea of informed research seem deceptive.

Worth It?

Alien Worlds is one of the most unique takes at portraying life forms on Earth. The docuseries spreads its creative horizons as vast as possible. Hence, it is important that people watch it.

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