Aisa Waisa Pyaar review: Simple yet heart-warming depiction of love

Rating: 3.5/5

Aisa Waisa Pyaar is an anthology series on Eros Now that follows the journey of different people discovering the various shades of love.  It is written and directed by Ashiish Patil.


The first episode of Aisa Waisa Pyaar follows Kajal and Faizaan, two best friends who discuss everything — from girls to boys, from what to wear to what to gift on the first date, and keeping each other updated on every minor life decision they are about to make. Both are unknowingly masquerading their love behind friendship, and get an opportunity to explore their feelings.

Following is the story of Shweta, a modern professional woman who has been grieving the loss of her husband and high school sweetheart, Chetan, for three years. She’s still clinging onto the past, but when a furry friend enters her life, she gets a second chance at love.

The third story is about Sunita and Mahendra, who have been married for 60 years and share a special bond. However, Sunita is suffering from Alzheimer’s, and her memories are fading away. Mahendra tries everything to remind her of their wonderful memories, which includes dressing up as Shah Rukh Khan and making her favorite Adrak Wali Chai 35 times a day, in addition to fulfilling all her wishes.

The final episode features Jasmine and Jaspal, a married couple who is completely opposite of each other. Nonetheless, their love wins over their differences, as both find a way to find a middle ground and co-exist peacefully.


From Prit Kamani to Nidhi Singh, everyone delivers a stellar performance in Aisa Waisa Pyaar and does justice to their part. There is a sense of relatability with each character and everyone seems effortlessly natural.

Sheeba Chaddha and Rajit Kapur deserve a special mention for portraying love, at a later stage in life, so beautifully.

The way Sheeba Chaddha played the role of an Alzheimer’s patient, Sunita, is admirable. Their story is the limelight of the series.

Taha Shah as Rajeev gets limited screen time as compared to other characters.


Aisa Waisa Pyaar is simple but manages to make an impact where it needs to. The way all of the characters in the series are connected, yet each story is different from the other, is truly special.

The series’ central theme, love and how it manifests itself at numerous stages of life, is skillfully addressed.

The script is well written and the audience can often relate to what the characters are feeling since the stories are not distant from real-life scenarios. The background score adds to the warmth of the scenes.


Aisa Waisa Pyaar, at times, seems rushed.

The final episode fails to live up to the expectations and the image created by the previous episodes. Nonetheless, it gives a different perspective to the series.

Worth it?

Aisa Waisa Pyaar is a perfect series to binge-watch if you wish to be engulfed in the warmth of the show. It is a perfect blend of stunning performances and unique but relatable storylines, and would definitely prove to be a pleasant experience.

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