A Trip to Infinity review: A concept explained using amusing interpretations

A Trip to Infinity sees pioneers of maths and physics coming together to understand the concept of infinity and how to find it. The documentary film is now streaming on Netflix.


A number of theoretical physicists, cosmologists, mathematicians, and philosophers sit down to talk about their vision of infinity. Thus, bringing in a number of theories that can explain the concept.

The explanations can be as simple as summing up the infinity into a parable that goes by the name of the Infinite Hotel. A place that is always occupied but there is always a room for new guests as there is no last room.

Other theories go around stating that infinity is like a circle or like a wormhole.


As deep as the topic is with no exact answer, the show puts forth beautiful interpretations of the theories in the most simple and attractive manner.

The use of looney tunes animation or a fight against a monster like Godzilla as infinity will help a regular viewer enjoy the concept to some extent, even though they might not be into that subject.

The visuals are quite intriguing and the show is quite honest that you are in it for a ride, not the destination.

The documentary is divided into chapters that explore different theories, thus helping the viewer focus on one theory at a time rather than confusing it with the other.


A Trip to Infinity might use good visuals to explain the concept to the viewers, but at the end of the day, these theories are quite complex. No matter how much you break it down into pieces for the regular viewer to enjoy.


A Trip to Infinity appeals to a certain section of the audience, but it’s definitely worth a watch. Regular viewers may not find it intriguing, and even if they did, they won’t be in for the over an hour runtime of the documentary.

A Trip to Infinity
A Trip to Infinity review: A concept explained using amusing interpretations 1

Director: Jonathan Halperin and Drew Takahashi

Date Created: 2022-09-26 12:30

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