A Perfect Story review: Brings a steady and fun love story

In A Perfect Story, Margot and David, two people with completely different lives, join forces to help each other win the love of their exes back. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Margot is the vice president of Ortega Group, a hotel empire. It is her family business. She is ambitious about working at the hotel, but all her mother cares about is watching Margot settle down and marry her boyfriend, Filippo.

At the wedding, Margot feels overwhelmed by the pressure put on her and decides to run away. The move embarrasses her mother and Filippo, who refrains from having a conversation with her.

Meanwhile, David, a hardworking lad, is about to get dumped by his girlfriend, Idoia, who thinks he is happy being a kid and is living a mediocre life.

David and Margot soon bump into each other. The two click and decide to help each other win the love of their exes back. This brings them closer and sparks a romance that has its own challenges.


Anna Castillo as Margot and Álvaro Mel as David form a striking chemistry that is much needed for this genre. It has that depth of friendship when it needs it and an excellent amount of romance that gradually develops over the course of the series.

Castillo and Mel both live up to the traits of their characters. They do look worried when their characters are with their exes and really comfortable when their characters are together alone.


A Perfect Story takes a decent amount of time to introduce the two leads before having them cross paths in such a way that it is engaging. Both Margot and David get entertaining storylines.

It’s encouraging to see them deal with their conflicts. The two different environments they are in make a viewer think that these two are in different corners of the world.

It can be said that they both could have had their own stand-alone episodes. Anyhow, the show establishes the lifestyle difference between the two lead characters really well.

The developing relationship between Margot and David is also built slowly but beautifully. The viewers will be left wanting to know why their relationship is not working with their respective partners. Thus, the conversations between Margot and David also become engrossing.

There is a right amount of buildup around the romance being formed between the two leads. Every time they come together, it all feels satisfying.


Throughout its run, A Perfect Story relies on dream sequences in which a character tries to go with their first instinct. These dream sequences only get the heartbeats of a viewer running and kill them the next minute. 

These sequences can also be seen as an attempt to deviate from the regular rom-com formula, but it all still feels forced.


A Perfect Story is an enthralling rom-com that is not filled with regular cliches. The journey the lead characters go on makes them stand out and win the hearts of the viewers, who would want nothing but more of them.

A Perfect Story
A Perfect Story review: Brings a steady and fun love story 1

Director: Chloé Wallace

Date Created: 2023-07-24 22:16

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