36 Farmhouse review: Extremely excruciating watch

Rating: 1/5

ZEE5’s 36 Farmhouse follows a father and son duo who enter a farmhouse with ulterior motives. However, they soon learn of a bigger plot brewing within the farmhouse orchestrated by their rich masters.


Set in the early days of India’s first Covid related lockdown, the story follows Jai Prakash (Sanjay Mishra) and his son Harry (Amol Parashar) as they both coincidentally end up in 36 Farmhouse, on the way back to their village.

Jai Prakash crosses path with one of the staff members of the farmhouse who agrees to recruit him as a cook on the condition that he has no family. He lies that he is indeed a bachelor and arrives at the farmhouse.

As Harry is waiting for the bus, he meets Antra who is the grand daughter of Lady Padmini. They have already met in a fashion show so she takes him to the farmhouse, to help her with a fashion project.

Lady Padmini Rajsingh who is quite ill, upon her death plans to bequeath 36 Farmhouse and the surrounding 300 acres land to her eldest son, Raunak who lives with her.

Her other two sons, Gajendra and Birendra strongly disagree with this decision and have sent a lawyer, Pratik Kakkar to convince her and rewrite the will. However the lawyer goes missing and there is a police investigation going on to find out what happened to him.


The acting is hammy and hard to watch. Veterans like Sanjay Mishra and Vijay Raaz have been wasted.

Amol Parashar and Barkha Singh portray Harry and Antra respectively. Their performances are very lifeless and bland.


There are two songs in the movie, sung by the great Hariharan and Sonu Nigam. These songs transport you to the 90s.


The movie tries to be a murder mystery comedy but fails terribly as neither is it humorous nor is it suspenseful.

The dialogues are cheesy and the tropes utilised are outdated. The plot has many loopholes and plenty of unnecessary side tracks.

The attempt to incorporate the pandemic and the plight of migrant workers into the script is very lackluster.

Class difference is depicted in this movie in a very regressive and insensitive manner.

Worth it?

36 Farmhouse is bizarre, casteist and extremely excruciating to watch. Wouldn’t recommend watching this movie as it is 107 minutes too long.

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