Wolf Pack season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Origin Point

In the third episode of Wolf Pack, Everett, Blake, Luna, and Harlan realize that they are connected to each other, as they are a pack now. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


A group of teenagers, which includes Phoebe, go to watch the fire. Phoebe thinks Blake is responsible for the fire because Blake changed after her parents’ divorce; she stopped talking to Phoebe and stopped using a phone.

The werewolf is near them, but before it could attack them, the police come there and take the teenagers with them.

Meanwhile, Ramsey takes Everett, Blake, Luna, and Harlan to the police station for questioning. Everett gets extremely anxious on the way, but Blake helps calm him down.

At the station, Harlan instructs the others to lie to the police and say that they were all smoking weed in the forest. They are then taken to separate rooms for questioning. Officer Jang and Ramsey start with Everett, but he cannot lie smoothly.

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Harlan, who can hear him from a different room, comments on it, and somehow, Everett hears him. Blake and Luna can also hear him. The four of them can communicate from different rooms.

Everett tells Ramsey that he would like to talk to his lawyer, but she tells him that he is not under arrest. She says that he can contact his parent, but he would rather not call them. Ramsey tells him about the threat response that makes people anxious before sleeping and asks him what is worrying him right now.

Miller, another officer, questions Harlan, but he demands a lawyer. Miller pushes him, and when Harlan tries to get him to stop, Miller proceeds to arrest him for assaulting a police officer. However, Garrett comes there in time and saves his son.

Someone slashes Phoebe’s tires while she is in her car, preventing her from going home. She does not see who or what did it. Alone and scared, she blares her car’s alarm.

Ramsey tells Garrett that the four teenagers volunteered to answer her questions, but Blake calls her out. Luna insists that Garrett needs to take Everett and Blake home with them. As none of them are under arrest, Garrett takes them with him.

In the car, Everett tells Garrett about the bite, the phone calls, and Connor. Garrett reveals that on the day of the fire, something hit his truck, and he ran, which is how he got trapped in the fire, but he is not sure about what he saw.

Ramsey does not think that the four of them caused the fire. She warns Miller that she will take him off the task force if he touches them again, but Miller still follows them to Garrett’s house.

Luna tells Garrett about sharing a connection with Everett and Blake, but Harlan disagrees with her. Garrett believes that Everett and Blake might be different from them, as they were not born werewolves.

He also thinks that Luna and Harlan might change; there is a possibility that they might start killing animals or even people because they have a pack now.

Everett and Blake feel an intense physical attraction toward each other because of the full moon. Blake tells him that the mystery person left a message for her in the motel room, but she thinks that the message could be for her family; a warning that they are not safe from her anymore.

Since Blake does not have a phone, Phoebe calls Harlan, assuming that Blake slashes her tires. Garrett goes to check up on her, leaving the four of them alone.

They discuss their special abilities — Harlan has superior hearing, Luna has a superior sense of smell, Everett now has superior strength, and Blake has gained superior speed. They could hear each other at the station because of their connection, but they no longer have super hearing like Harlan.

Miller then approaches the house and coaxes Harlan to come out to answer his questions. The twins send Everett and Blake to hide inside. Miller assaults Harlan once he steps out of the house, and Luna calls Garrett to inform him about the same.

The werewolf arrives at the scene. It drags Miller away and kills him. Garrett instructs the twins to get the special rifle that he stores in the stables. The two find silver bullets kept with the rifle.

Everett and Blake get a call from the mystery man, warning them not to leave the house. Blake goes out anyway, and Everett follows her, trying to stop her. The werewolf corners Everett but leaves the scene when Harlan fires a silver bullet.

Luna believes that the werewolf does not want to kill them anymore because they are all connected and are a part of its pack.

When Garrett returns, Luna and Harlan question him about the silver bullets. He admits that he made the bullets to kill werewolves, including Luna and Harlan.


  • This episode was comparatively better than the last two episodes. It took its time with the plot, which had something to offer to the viewers, but the cinematography and the visuals still need work.
  • Garrett’s character is certainly intriguing. He always protects his children, but he would not hesitate to kill them if they become a threat. It makes the viewers curious as to what exactly caused Garrett to be prepared for the worst.
  • The episode depicts different kinds of officers and does not clump them into one box. It puts Ramsey in a good light, but it also shows that there are always officers of the law like Miller, who would misuse their powers to prove their baseless theories right.
Wolf Pack season 1 episode 3
Wolf Pack season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Origin Point 1

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