Willow season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Beyond the Shattered Sea

In episode 7 of Willow, Our heroes face many perils and tests of will when they attempt to cross the Shattered Sea. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Airk lays down exhausted near the pool while this woman he just met inspects it. He introduces himself as the prince of Tir Asleen and she says that she’s from Cashmere but will not fall for his princely charms.

Kit is still growing in the water at the bottom of the mine and Airk sees her in the pool. He jumps in and just as they’re about to come in contact, Elora’s spell works and Kit is pulled out as they escape from the mine.

They arrive at the Shattered Sea and Willow says they have to walk across it. Kit is still weak and Jade says they need to rest for a while before they move forward.

They inspect a cottage where an old man resides and offers them food. He also owns a watercraft with a mudmander that he uses to show people around the coast.

That evening as they’re having dinner, the old man explains that he used to be a warrior for Cashmere who was sent out on a quest but he and his allies lost their minds trying to cross the Shattered Sea.

The next morning, the old man offers them breakfast and tells them that they need to rest more but when Graydon notices an identical old man walking around, he knocks out the talking one and yells for everybody to get on the watercraft.

The illusion turns out to be the Dag as everyone gets on the craft and they speed away. The Dag chases them in the sky and the Doom follows on horseback.

As they’re fighting back, Graydon casts a spell using his flute to dispel the Dag. The Doom grabs Elora’s hand but Jade injures it and knocks it off the craft as they escape.

Airk wakes up next to the pool which is now closed and he sees that the woman is inside the chamber looking down a path with an enchanted light arising from it. He tells her not to go down even though she suggests it could be a way for them to escape.

She follows him back outside and then talks about Cashmere and the rules you have to follow to live a peaceful life over there. She then speaks up about a secret sect called the Order of the Wyrm which bears the same mark as the one on the chamber doors.

She reveals that she is the princess of Cashmere and the order kidnapped her and sent her to this city. Graydon sees that the mudmander is getting tired and tells everyone that they might need to rest for a while.

He becomes friends with the creature and names it Kenneth. Willow asks him how he was able to perform a spell and he says he did it instinctively with his flute. Willow tells him that the flute acts as a conduit but he has magic within him.

Elora perks up and tells Willow that she wants to train. He tells her how to perform an easy deflection spell and how to tap into her emotions to make the spells stronger.

Kit watches them spar and tells Jade that she wants to train too. They spend the next couple of days or weeks constantly training, with Graydon joining Elora. Kit tells Jade that she loves her during one of their sparring sessions and they share a kiss.

Willow tells Elora that she’s holding back and she must accept every one of her feelings, even the negative ones. Elora suddenly gets a glimpse of the Crone in her head and she performs the same spell the Crone mentioned, knocking Willow down in the process.

Airk and the Princess talk about their responsibilities back home and what they aspire to accomplish in their lives. They end up kissing and Airk tells her that he cannot continue.

The Princess admits that she was actually here much before he was and she made many mistakes before figuring out what to do. She tells him to let go of all his fears and what he believes to be real and follow her.

Airk realizes that she was the one responsible for bringing him there and walks away as she calls out for him to return. Kit asks Willow about the Wyrm and he tells her that it’s a sleeping monster that feeds on the magic of the universe.

The night, he has a vision of Mims in trouble before Boorman wakes him up. Graydon tells Elora that Kenneth gets more depressed the more they travel and she tells him that it’s because they’re getting closer to the Immemorial city.

Elora and Kit share what’s on their minds and make peace with each other. Boorman attaches the lux to the cuirass but it doesn’t work and he gets frustrated.

Willow tries to contact Mims but he gets a terrifying vision. Elora tells him that he’s having a nightmare and the Crone is trying to discourage them in the hopes that they’ll separate and head back.

Graydon sets Kenneth free and Elora says that they need to travel the rest of the way on foot. Along the way, Graydon tells Elora that he loves her but that she need not love him back.

They finally reach the edge of the sea which leads to a massive drop off and Elora says it wasn’t supposed to end this way as Boorman and Willow say they’re headed back.

Elora says that she saw the vision of her death and she didn’t travel all this way for it to be false. Kit consoles her and tells her there is on option left and they can do it together before they both fall off the edge.

When they get back out, they find themselves outside the city. They walk in and reach the chamber as a replenished and freshly groomed Airk looks back at them with a warm yet sinister smile.


  • There are a host of great emotional performances in this episode and the chemistry between the various cast members overflows with positivity.
  • Kit completes her roundabout journey from being jealous of Elora to standing by her as they fall off the edge and Elora herself accepts that she’s overwhelmed by the expectations that come with being Elora and she’s not ready to face them. It’s all very deep and significant.
  • The episode is also brilliant from a visual perspective. The expansive sea as they travel across and one particular scene where the night sky is littered with magnificent stars is beautiful. The chase sequence with the Dag and the Doom is a bit chaotic, however.
  • The entire training montage is also quite fun and inspiring thanks to the cinematography and accompanying score.
Willow season 1 episode 7
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