What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 3 recap & review: The Grand Opening

Episode 3 of What We Do in the Shadows sees the inauguration of Nadja’s Vampire nightclub and Laszlo trying to impart some wisdom to young Colin Robinson.


Nadja is getting ready for the opening night of her new nightclub which she has named “Nadja’s”. She has invited famed vampire rapper, Richie Suck, to perform as the musical guest.

She finds Nandor at the club moping about and when she asks him what’s wrong, he tells her that he’s managed to get the perfect partner but now he doubts whether he’s good enough for her. Nadja suggests making some improvements on his end to fix this.

Nadja’s night is then thrown into chaos as a message reaches here stating that Richie Suck has cancelled his appearance. She heads to his place with the Guide to convince him to reconsider.

Richie Suck’s familiar, Doctor Tom, appears to closely manage what Richie does and how often he gives in to his hunger for blood. He says he does it because he cares for his master but Nadja wants Richie to escape from his familiar’s influence.

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Laszlo is worried that Colin Robinson is turning into the same old boring self that he was before so he takes him on an outing to commit some crimes and become an interesting person again.

His efforts are in vain, however, as young Colin Robinson keeps talking about his love for LEGOs and musical theatre. Laszlo eventually accepts the fact that this young boy will eventually become the same Colin Robinson they knew.

Nandor plans to ask the Djinn for a bigger penis so that he can please his wife but before he can make the wish, Guillermo stops him and warns him that the Djinn are tricky beings who always mess around with wishes so he needs to be precise about things.

They begin listing out all the intricate details for the wish to be perfect and while the Djinn finds this annoying, he agrees that this is the right way to go about making a wish. Just as they’re about to finish, the Djinn commends Guillermo’s attention to detail.

This leads Nandor to sarcastically thank his familiar and state that every time he’s using his new penis, he’ll think of Guillermo and at that exact moment, the Djinn grants the wish.

Richie Suck is at the club while Dr Tom is setting up the jazz opening act. Nadja is trying to talk Richie out of the funk that he’s in and have him return to his roots. Richie is inspired by her words and has some time to think about it.

The crowd is getting impatient and not enjoying the jazz band that’s playing so Nadja brings on Richie Suck. Laszlo has arrived there with Colin and so has Guillermo, Nandor and his wife. Nandor tells Guillermo that the Djinn was successful in tricking him and repulses at the thought of having Guillermo’s image in his head every time he uses his penis.

Richie Sick takes the stage and says a few words in support of this familiar before claiming that he’s done listening to him. He then throws him into the crowd to be eaten. Richie tries to type up the crowd but then begins a comedy routine that bombs.

A member of the audience jumps on stage and knocks Richie and Nadja off. Before a fight can break out, however, young Colin jumps onstage and begins performing a classic musical number that the crowd loves.

Nadja says that vampires love a child novelty act and with Colin Robinson, her club will do quite well. Even Laszlo is proud of Colin’s talents and praises his ability to groove.


  • Laszlo taking Colin Robinson under his wing produces some funny moments. The way Laszlo learns to accept Colin Robinson’s interests makes him one of the more consistent characters when it comes to development, despite many of his views.
  • Guillermo and Nandor’s approach toward making a wish with the Djinn is very meta in its application because being meticulous is the most obvious way to make sure the wish came out perfectly, something that isn’t often depicted in fictional characters in this situation.
  • The first signs of Colin Robinson turning back into an energy vampire were observed in this episode and it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

Rating: 2.5/5

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