What The Folks season 4 episode 2 recap & review: The Damaad Test

‘What The Folks’ season 4 episode 2, revolves around Sid meeting the Sharma family for the first time and the awkwardness that follows.


Preparations to welcome the probable future damaad (son-in-law) is in full swing at Anita and Nikhil’s place. But the worried Indian parents are also preparing for a thorough investigation with poor Nikhil as their pawn. Though he is fully aware that his actions that will follow his in-laws’ instructions will put him in the wrong, there is nothing that the title of “The Good Son-in-law” as a bribe cannot solve.

So, following the plan, Akshata is stuck at home with teaching her father how to use Instagram and due to this delay, Sid is stuck alone with Nikhil. Mr Sharma is trying his best to make his younger daughter stay home for a little longer, giving Nikhil enough time to get a nervous Sid to blurt his secrets out.

Two dudes in the same room alone who are strangers; obviously the cloud of awkwardness follows. Their interesting conversations rage from “Nice shoes”, “Ragi chips?”, “Did you catch yesterday’s cricket match?” and so on and so forth. Every lead for a conversation leads to a dead end. All this while Nikhil is constantly getting bombarded with his father-in-law’s messages asking him to get information about a girl Nandini who keeps on liking Sid’s photos on Instagram. This unseasonable atmosphere lingers till Anita joins them.

At dinner, Anita asks Sid about his job. He starts explaining but stops in the middle assuming that she might not understand and would get bored. So, he says, “Let it be. You won’t understand”. Rude. He is quick to realise his mistake.

On his way back from a whisper call with his father-in-law, Nikhil overhears Sid talking to Akshata over the phone. Though Nikhil judged Sid as a reserved fellow, listening to their conversation makes him realise that Sid opens up to Akshata about everything and that they seem cute together. He now gets a better understanding of how Sid actually is and also relates to his nervousness in some ways.

Back at the dinner table, Nikhil opens up about their marriage and the Sharma family and from here on the conversation just flows and to save the situation Akshata also arrives. Sid is told that Anita is the genius of the family and he is glad that there would finally be someone in his family who won’t be bored to death hearing him talk about his work. He is quick to apologise to Anita.

The young couples end up having a really good time but that doesn’t last long as their nosy parents just cannot stop calling and everyone in the room ends up listening to how the parents were instructing Nikhil to snoop around about Sid. Akshata ends up having the same conversation as the last episode about trusting her decisions with her parents. Things don’t end well and she is furious. Nikhil apologises to Sid and Akshata.

Being a calm person, Sid explains to Akshata that her parents are just concerned and that he is enjoying the attention. In the end, everyone ends up eating mushroom pizza.


  • The scene where Sid and Nikhil are just talking amid the lumber-some situation is just hilarious, especially, when they are talking about cricket and football.
  • The younger characters seem very mature and understanding for their age. They are spunky while also being responsible. The youth is well represented. The plot points also resonate with Indian youngsters.
  • Akshata revealing how Sid proposed by just saying, “Should we take the next step?” at a fancy restaurant, feels like a breath of fresh air.
  • The product placements are just too much. It stays in the memory long after watching the episodes; longer than the good parts stay in mind. They talk about being subtle throughout the episode yet they don’t seem to take their own advice.

Rating 3/5

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