What The Folks season 4 episode 5 recap & review: Series Finale – What The Future?

Following Akshata’s resolve with her father and mother, What The Folks season 4 episode 5 revolves around her Haldi ceremony.


The Sharma family is at their Alibagh vacation home for Akshata and Sid’s Haldi ceremony. Pintu, who is supposed to set up the flowers is running late and not even picking calls.

Being the nosy father, Mr Sharma asks Sid’s mother, Nandini if they’d like anything special to be added to the ceremony. They settle for including Antina Unde, a sweet that they have for special occasions. Mr Sharma is confident that he can arrange the sweets for the guests within 12 hours but his plans go haywire when he realises that his trusted sweet shop has been closed down for months. He even misdials to an IIT coaching centre and asks them if they know anybody who can provide them with Antina Unde.

Pintu finally appears and brags about his start-up. Akshata wishes Nikhil would come soon as he is good at managing such a crisis and her sister assures her that he would fly down as soon as he is done with the important meeting.

Anita discusses her concerns about parenthood with her mother. While Nikhil appears to be completely sorted about the whole situation, Anita’s worries continue. Mrs Sharma explains that parenting is trial and error. She doesn’t need to impress Gordon Ramsay with her dish. Even if the dish doesn’t have enough salt, it’ll still be perfect. A parent learns with a hands-on job.

Insert a happy wedding dancing montage on a cringe Hindi song.

Mrs Sharma acknowledges her younger daughter’s maturity and finally starts feeling that it is a good thing that she is free-spirited and follows her instincts. Akshata is worried that Nandini does not the real her which is reckless and not as put together as she pretends in front of her future mother-in-law.

Insert another happy wedding dancing montage on a cringe Hindi song.

Turns out, Mrs Sharma has arranged for Antina Unde and saved her husband’s ego this time.

Insert the third happy wedding montage of the bride and groom getting with various sponsored products on a cringe Hindi song.

Sid pretends to misplace his wallet. But it’s a plan to “properly” propose to Akshata. She finally has her “no-boring” proposal in front of the entire guest list with a big speech and a hugely romantic gesture.

One by one, Sid, Akshata and Mr Sharma give a speech about love and family. Mr Sharma had promised to keep it short but he goes on till forever.

Over a video call, Nikhil confesses that he is also super nervous about the baby. But at the same time, he is as excited. For him, the meetings are important as he feels that they would somewhat secure their child’s future. Nikhil makes her realise that they are a team and even if they mess up they have a family as a backbone. The couple is beautifully terrified and excited at the same time. This video call is Nikhil’s speech to Anita about love and family.

Anita gets the update that their adoption application has been accepted.

Everyone gets in line for a family picture.


  • What The Folks season 4 episode 5 feels like a version of the movie Hum Saath Saath Hai where everyone in the family is happy in celebrations with frequent montages, speeches about loving family and dance breaks.
  • Few of the plot-lines are pretty unnecessary. Like, why should we care about Pintu and his start-up? Why is there a whole thing about Mr Sharma not finding Antina Unde? These points neither make the story move forward nor add anything of significance.
  • It might not be of importance but a desperate Mr Sharma kicking his legs in the air in his futile attempts to arrange for Antina Unde is hilarious. That one call to the IIT coaching centre adds laughs to the episode.
  • Parents owning up to their mistakes and giving their children credit where it is due is a heartwarming change as they blow away the cobwebs.
  • Akshata and Sid have only one expression in the 34-minute episode; a huge toothy smile.
  • What The Folks season 4 episode 5 wraps everything nicely with a bow.

Rating 2.5/5

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