What The Folks season 4 episode 3 recap and review: Ladkiwale vs. Ladkewale

‘What The Folks’ season 4 episode 3 follows the meeting between the parent and the in-laws while the adoption agent is also on the way to interview the Sharmas. 


After a time jump, the wedding is finally on the way. Akshata’s parents are finally meeting Sid’s parents and the preparations for their lunch meeting is being done with full enthusiasm in the Sharma kitchen.

From the very first step, Mr Sharma and Sid’s mother Nandini do not look eye to eye. While Mr Sharma is the overprotective loud father, Miss Nandini calmly speaks her mind. So quite clearly in this equation one seems obnoxious and the other seems rude.

Throughout the episode, Mr Prakash cracks jokes that fall flat and then he questions why people want to pay and watch stand-up. The youngsters need a cleansing via a good comedy session after having to deal with these sad jokes. Mrs Sharma even suggests paying him to stop.

To get closer to his future in-law, Miss Nandini, Mr Sharma attempts to start conversations around various useless and unrelated topics only for them to be(thankfully) cut short by her.

Mr Sharma then shifts the discussion towards the wedding. As this would be the last wedding for the Sharmas, they wish to plan something big but Miss Nandini on the other hand asks Akshata and Sid about their plans for their wedding.

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This opens a well of undiscussed expectations with the wedding as the couple wishes to register their marriage and have a small event to celebrate it with their friends.

But Mr Sharma being who he is, won’t stand for or respect his daughters’ wishes. He pushes for a big fat Indian wedding but Miss Nandini insists that it’s the children’s wedding and they should decide for themselves.

This does not sit well with the over-enthusiastic father. He complains that Sid’s mother is rude. Mrs Sharma though likes that she openly speaks her mind.

Mr Sharma calls the adoption agent who is to come and interview the will-be grandparents and Anita can’t stop panicking with this new development. Miss Nandini tries to calm her nerves down by telling her about the joys of raising a child. She also makes her realise that she is nervous about motherhood because she wants to be a good mother and that is a positive sign.

During the interview, the agent clears all the doubts that Mrs and Mr Sharma might have regarding the adoption after which they are at better ease.

Everything seems to be sailing smoothly so Mr Sharma has to try his hands to mess it up. Just as the agent is about to leave, he insults the Tamilians, Andhraites, Malayalis and Kannadigas. He says all South Indians are rude but the agent is a gentleman. To save the situation from completely burning up in flames, Miss Nandini takes charge and explains that Mr Sharma is a protective and loving father and spouts nonsense when he is nervous but the grandchild will be extremely well-loved. She explains all of this in the agent’s mother tongue, Kannada, which makes the agent think about reconsidering the decision.


  • The episode is filled with a few unnecessary filler plot points, like when they are talking about how hot the rasam is or their plan to go and watch stand-up comedy.
  • Some parts of the episode, like when they are discussing the adoption and how there is no community called the “South Indians”, comes off as rather preachy. But maybe that is what is required to increase awareness around topics that people are pretty ignorant about.
  • Thankfully, two of the three product placement scenes are subtle which is a huge improvement from the past episodes.
  • It’s a fun and easy watch.

Rating 3/5

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