What The Folks season 4 episode 4 recap & review: Are we ready?

Dice Media’s ‘What The Folks’ Season 4 episode 4 deals with the emotional trials and tribulations one feels with start of something new and the excitement and nervousness that follows.


The episode opens with Anita’s nightmare, which gives an insight into her worries and anxiousness to be a mother. What would happen if the child misbehaves in school? Would she be able to take time out for herself? Would she have time out for the family? Would she be a good idol sister? Would she be a good mother?

Mr Sharma is still adamant about a big Indian wedding as it’ll be the last marriage in the Sharma family. For him, Akshata is being “inconsiderate” for his wishes at her wedding. His biggest fears are that people would think that he hasn’t spent money for his daughter’s wedding. They decide that Sid would be a scapegoat and if anyone says anything, they’ll just say that Sid is stubborn and everything was planned according to his wishes.

Akshata’s father has booked a huge wedding hall for 1500 guests behind her back. They break into a fight at the wedding venue.

Back home, Anita and her mother are discussing their insecurities with each other over a chumpi (scalp massage) session using a sponsored hair oil. Anita discusses the anxieties of a mother-to-be. Mrs Sharma is giving deep thoughts to the life she has lived, feeling that she’s not an adequate mother to her children as she is very different from Sid’s mother, Nandini. She feels Akshata and Nandini are becoming better friends than she and her daughter.

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Anita and Nikhil are trying to negotiate with Mr Sharma and Akshata to plan a wedding that both parties would be happy about. Father-daughter doesn’t seem to see eye to eye about anything. It only leads to a string of compromises from both sides.

At the dinner table, Akshata notices that her parents are feeling off about something. Her father is being passive-aggressive and her mother is quieter than usual.

Akshata and Mr Sharma discuss their underlying reasons for their stubbornness. After a brief discussion, they realise that all they ever wanted is happiness for each other. Next, she calls her mother out for being aloof. Mrs Sharma shares her fears of becoming the nagging mother and not a friend to Akshata. To this, Akshata explains that they are close and she does need a nagging and caring friend.

Anita and Sid are out food tasting for the wedding. They have become much closer than they first met in episode 2. Anita realises that she’s not the only one reconsidering decisions and getting nervous for new beginnings. Everyone is, including Sid.


  • Unlike the earlier episodes in this season, the dialogues in this episode, though meaningful, are boring and drab.
  • Scenes in which people are confronting each other seem over the top and fails to deliver the impact that it intends.
  • There is only tell, tell, tell and no show. Many times the characters are just talking about how they feel but there is not much visual evidence for it.
  • Overall, the payoff of all the tension in this episode is poor.
  • Episode 4 deals with relevant topics like parents expectations, what it means to be a good mother and how much should parents intervene in their children’s life.

Rating: 2.5/5

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