Under the Queen’s Umbrella season 1 episode 13 recap & review

Episode 13 of Under the Queen’s Umbrella revolves around the Queen and the Crown Prince investigating the death of the late crown prince and Prince Muan faces the difficulties of parenthood. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Court Lady Shin rushes to the gates to face Cho-wol. Seongnam remembers all the good times he has spent with Cheong-ha but then remembers that she is the daughter of the Minister of War and leaves the room.

The Queen asks Cho-wol how dare she bring a grand prince’s child out of wedlock to the palace. Cho-wol asks the queen to take the child in before it gets attached to her mother. Cheong-ha wonders why Seongnam must have left and enjoys the drinks that were kept for both of them.

The queen summons Muan and he asks her what he’s done wrong. Court Lady Shin brings out the baby and Muan slowly realises that the girl is his daughter. When he asks about Cho-wol he is told that she left soon after handing over the baby.

He agrees to take responsibility and raise the child on his own. He takes her back to his quarters but can’t seem to put her to sleep.

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Cheong-ha is woken up by her court lady who tells her that it is time to pay her respects to the queen dowager. She rushes to take her place by the crown prince’s side as he has been waiting for a while.

The queen dowager asks them if they consummated their marriage because she heard a rumour that they didn’t but Cheong-ha covers for Seongnam by stating that he returned a while after leaving.

The queen hears about Seongnam not spending the night with Cheong-ha and sends word that she would like to meet him in the evening. Muan is not able to sleep the entire night because of the baby. Cheon-ha visits the queen to find out if she knows why Seongnam left.

The queen says that she will set another date for them to consummate their marriage but Cheong-ha isn’t so happy with waiting. Muan asks Lady Shin for help and the queen catches them so he hands the baby to his mother and then rushes to relieve his bowels.

The King gathers his ministers and tells them that he wants to put Seongnam in charge of the royal granaries so that he can root out the corruption with Park Gyeong-u. Councillor Hwang disagrees with this suggestion but doesn’t get any support from the other ministers.

Seongnam is going through his late brother’s old books when he finds a torn-out page hidden in one of them. Muan marvels at the way the queen takes care of the baby and she tells him how he was as a child.

The Queen meets Seongnam in the evening and tells him that she selected Cheing-ha herself to allay his fears. He then shows her the page he found which is a part of the treatment journal his brother maintained. It proves that there was a change in treatment which is how he died.

They conclude that physician Kwon is the prime suspect and try to find a way to gather more evidence. Physician Kwon and Master Toji invite Uiseong for a discussion and fill him in on their plan to rebel against the King.

They promise that he’ll become the next crown prince and ask him to arrange a meeting with the State Councillor. Physician Kwon is invited back to the palace but Councillor Hwang or his daughter didn’t summon him.

It is actually the queen who summoned him because she has learnt about the poisoning and wants his help to find the culprit. In reality, she plans to use him to find the poison that killed the late crown prince. Physician Kwon wants to use the opportunity to get what they need as well.

Cheong-ha and Seongnam have an awkward yet sweet moment when she walks in on him putting on his garments. Gyeseong and Ilyeong barge into Muan’s room and see the baby.

They chat with each other while entertaining the baby until Lady Shin comes and takes the baby to be fed. She is taken to a wet nurse for feeding time and returned to Muan. The Queen observes Muan taking good care of the child and lets him be.

A guard meets the queen and follows up on a request of hers. He met the nurse that helped treat crown prince Taein but she didn’t see his corpse. He does give her the prescription that Royal Physician Yoo wrote back then for the treatment.

She compares it to the prescription that Seongnam got from Master Toji and summons him immediately. They realise that Master Toji is probably Physician Yoo Sang-uk and that they must find him soon.

Uiseong tells Councillor Hwang about the rebels’ plan but the councillor is completely against it because he helped overthrow the last regime and would be in trouble if they came back. Uiseong says that he plans to double-cross them and go straight for the throne himself.

Muan rushes to his mother because he thinks his daughter, who he’s named A-ra, is sick. She tells him that it’s nothing serious and common among newborn infants. He asks his mother to find Cho-wol because he does not wish his daughter to live without her mother.

The Queen asks lady Shin to bring the wet nurse who is revealed to Cho-wol. She tells them not to get caught and says that they won’t have to hide once the time is right. the Queen tells physician Kwon that she has found Royal Physician Yoo Sang-uk’s location.

Seongnam finds Master Toji who admits that he is the former Royal Physician Yoo Sang-uk. When Seongnam shows him the autopsy record of his brother, he says that it looks similar to crown prince Taein’s autopsy as he performed it himself.

Sang-uk and Kwon earlier discuss the queen finding out and Sang-uk says that he will try and use this situation to his advantage. He plans to send the queen down the path of investigating crown prince Taein’s death so that she can do the hard work they need.

The Queen and Seongnam are also aware that Sang-uk cannot be trusted and that he is somehow connected to Kwon. Consort Hwang meets the Queen Dowager for tea but actually tries to poison her.

The Queen Dowager doesn’t fall for it and asks consort Hwang who Uiseong’s real father is as she learns he is not the King’s son when trying to prove that Seongnam was not of royal blood.

Physician Kwon is wandering the streets at night and comes face to face with the deposed queen Yoon, who is revealed to be his mother, making him the rightful heir.


  • A potential problem is cleared up through communication which doesn’t happen often in drama series. Seongnam avoids his bride because he assumes she’s on the enemies’ side but when his mother tells him that she picked Cheong-ha, he is much more relaxed.
  • Muan’s attempts at parenthood add the humour aspect of this episode and it does so successfully. Watching him struggle to handle the baby while also growing in maturity is great for his character.
  • There are only 3 episodes left and the primary arc will be focused on the rebellion and everyone pulled into the orbit of this story. Many twists and turns are to be expected as secrets are exposed in the open.
Under the Queen's Umbrella season 1 episode 13
Under the Queen's Umbrella season 1 episode 13 recap & review 1

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