Uncle from Another World season 1 episode 6 recap & review: So They Threw Me Into The Basement of a Freak Show…

In season 1 episode 6 of Uncle from Another World, Uncle continues his narration of the time when he first arrived in Granbahamal. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Uncle continues the project from the last episode. After being abducted by three men in the other world, they attempted to sell him but were only offered three bronze pieces.

On the other hand, a scouring pad in terrible condition fetched them 120 bronze pieces. Takafumi and Fujimiya are shocked at Uncle’s worth.

Apparently, Uncle had erased his memory about the incident, as well as Takafumi’s. The projection brings their memories back, causing a nosebleed.

The shopkeeper threw Uncle in the basement of a freak show. Here, using his translation powers, he conversed with the spirit of light and gained his light sword.

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He freed all the animals caged there, but they turn out to be evil and attacked Uncle. He used the sword to kill and eat them.

The three finally realise how Uncle got his magic powers. His ability to talk to the spirits is what grants him these capabilities.

He also shows them the first time he met Elf. She was battling the Venom Dragon and dealt enough damage for Uncle to kill it in one blow.

She believed he was an orc and tried to stab him. But Uncle was nothing but generous and gave her his jacket as her clothes were torn during battle.

Her attempt to stash the knife in a different dimension led to misunderstanding as Uncle thought she stabbed herself. He tried to locate the wound, but it turned awkward as he continuously tried to remove her clothes.

She ran off and this is how their equation started. Years later, when Mabel froze him, he woke up to find both Elf and Mabel sleeping on him.

Elf decided to get back the ring Uncle gave her that she had sold. Mabel slept and Uncle went to scout a dungeon.

In the normal world, Fujimiya misses dinner because of choosing to watch the action. Uncle offers to buy both of them ramen. Takafumi muses that though Uncle’s life in Granbahamal was nothing short of hell, at least he had Elf and Mabel. 

They eat the ramen together. Takafumi reveals that because Uncle did not have enough money, Fujimiya ended up paying the balance.


  • The show continues to be an engaging blend of slice and life and supernatural, a combination rarely seen.
  • Granbahamal moments have greatly increased and the plot now seems to be centered around the other world instead of Takafumi’s home. This helps make the narrative more creative.
  • While Fujimiya seemed wary of Uncle in the beginning, her character has developed to the point where she is excited for Uncle to share more stories.
  • Uncle from Another World is already at the sixth episode and could do with a bit of acceleration of the narrative. The animation still isn’t anything to write home about either.
Uncle from Another World season 1 episode 6
Uncle from Another World season 1 episode 6 recap & review: So They Threw Me Into The Basement of a Freak Show… 1

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