Uncle from Another World season 1 episode 3 recap & review: I’m Your Un-…Aunt, Dear

In season 1 episode 3 of Uncle from Another World, Takafumi and Uncle attempt to navigate new guidelines announced by YouTube to save their careers. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Takafumi and Uncle receive a shocking message from YouTube about a change in their YouTube Partner Program in early 2018.

According to the new guidelines, monetising a YouTube channel now requires a minimum of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. While their videos have no issue in terms of views, the subscribers only stand at a meagre 812, and Takafumi figures out why.

Uncle has been arguing with the commentors, leading to many unsubscribing. But just then Uncle brings up the time 1,000 legendary beasts were unleashed in the Sealed City, Luvaldram.

Excited by the story, Takafumi requests a projection of the time. In Luvaldram, the Elf that keeps following Uncle tells him about the ancient barrier protecting the town.

Uncle destroys the barrier just to see if he could, unleashing the 1,000 beasts. Elf wants to buy time and let Uncle run as they cannot face so many but ends up colliding with the new barrier Uncle managed to form.

Elf wants Uncle to pay her back for not telling the city’s residents that he destroyed the barrier by having dinner with her, however, he quickly runs away, leaving Takafumi disappointed again.

Uncle decides to ask viewers directly to subscribe but his nephew believes the cynical online community will troll him. However, they discover a supportive side to the internet and quickly cross 1,000 subscribers.

Fujimiya arrives, still wary of Uncle living with Takafumi and tries to subtly convince the two that they shouldn’t be living together.

After Takafumi leaves briefly, Uncle tries talking to Fujimiya. He wants to understand if something happened in the past as Takafumi cannot seem to understand her affection for him and only considers her a friend.

With Fujimiya unwilling to talk to him, Uncle transforms into the Elf and acts as if he’s Takafumi’s aunt to help her open up. When he returns, he is left shocked.

Quickly figuring out that he is Uncle, they shoot a gaming video together, but Takafumi doesn’t let him see it.

After shooting, Takafumi lets him peek into his mind and they act in front of Fujimiya like the projection isn’t magic but a new Sony projector.

It is revealed that their childhood wasn’t exactly how Fujimiya remembered, as she used to bully Takafumi frequently. Despite this, he still considers her a friend.

The video is uploaded, but instead of footage from the game, it is just a video of Uncle playing it in his Elf form. To his surprise, the video becomes viral as the internet rushes to see the attractive woman, leaving Takafumi overjoyed.

Uncle realises that even in this world, people only judge you based on your appearance, and his pride takes a big hit. But on the payout date, they manage to afford a fancy dinner.


  • The show’s ability to blend its fantasy world with real-world aspects such as YouTube is a fantastic combination and keeps you hooked.
  • Slowly, it has also started to critique modern society. The concept of trolling is addressed smartly as well as judging appearances.
  • Despite the fantasy world of endless possibilities that Uncle lived in, Uncle From Another World is actually majorly based in the real world, except it’s just as fascinating.
  • The humour continues to deliver and the equation between the three characters is extremely entertaining.

Rating: 4/5

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