Twenty Five Twenty One season 1 episode 6 recap & review

In the sixth episode of Twenty Five Twenty One, Yi-jin reunites with Hee-do, only to be caught with a small surprise. Life seems to get better for Yi-jin as he becomes a reporter.


The sixth episode of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ starts with Yi-hun, Yi-jin’s younger brother looking for a way to apologize to him, which he later does through a written letter. Meanwhile, Yi-jin and his mum embark on a small seaside trip after their wholesome union with his father on a gaming computer. While walking along the beach, his mum discusses their future.

Hee-do overhears her new national coach reprimanding Yurim for the possibility that she might lose to Hee-do. When confronted by Yurim, Hee-do reveals that the umbrella that Yurim carries everywhere actually belongs to her. A physical fight ensues- with a lot of hair-pulling and pushing. They are stopped by an NTC staff.

Yi-jin decides to come back to Seoul, partly thanks to his longing for Hee-do and also because he is tired of running away. After a while, he clears the tough journalism exam and becomes a reporter. Life seems to be going well for him- he is in the sports department that exclusively covers fencing. Coincidence? We think not.

One day on a venture, he spots Hee-do and goes rushing towards her- clutching the 15th volume of ‘Full House’, a book he had promised to bring to her. They have an emotional conversation- when she invites him to dine with ‘them’. ‘Them’ later turn out to be her and her three-day-old boyfriend- another national fencer.

We get a glimpse of the past between the coach and Hee-do’s mother when the latter visits her to offer her a position for fencing commentary. Turns out that 8 years back, the coach had taken a bribe from some parents and Hee-do’s mum had covered the story- despite them being close friends. Which ultimately got the coach fired.

To cover for the Asian Games, Yi-jin is dispatched to Gwangju, and he surprises his senior by bringing his old but racy red car. In the games, both Yurim and Hee-do advance to the finals, thus securing gold for Korea. Things go downhill when Hee-do realizes that her sword got mixed up with that of the Japanese athlete that she had fought in the semi-finals. She rushes to the station as the athlete had already moved for her tour of Seoul.

It gets even worse when her train gets delayed, but fortunately, she’s rescued by Yi-jin, who was reporting the same event. He helps her back to the Stadium in his red car. On their ride back, she admits that she has broken up with her ‘cutie-pie’. She gets all jittery for her final with Yurim.


  • This episode of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ was a full shot of adrenaline, flexing the competitive duels and competent athletes. it kept the viewers at the edge of their seats.
  • Hee-do’s admission that the umbrella is actually hers was another anticipated moment, as the fans were probably hoping for the things between her and Yurim to smooth over (though they didn’t!). What’s worth noticing is that she still cares about her.
  • The episode ended on a cliffhanger- the audience is eager to witness the final duet between Hee-do and Yurim- and see who comes out as the ultimate superior.
  • There were some funny moments too- like Hee-do introducing her three-day-old boyfriend to Yi-jin and then breaking up with him within 2 weeks- just to experience the oh-so-sad pain of a breakup.
  • Ji-woong’s presence brings life to the whole plot, with his harmless banter with the other characters.

Rating: 4/5

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